steem passes 1million accounts today

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Taken from minnow booster steem users tracker:

This of course does not mean a million people have joined.
(since many people have multiple accounts for various reasons)

It would be quite hard to determine when exactly million people have joined, even with the data steemit has from verification there are many people that join anonymously either for privacy or to bypass the free account waiting period.

That being said, I think anyone holding steem can agree this is a good sign. The growth of steem (or any system) is often a compounding percentage of increase over time, especially when the incoming traffic is from search engines and then creates more for the engine to index after joining.
This is the snowball effect of steem :)
So it will only become more popular in the years to come.

\ (^_^) /


Yeah! good to see the platform grow! Although there are many spam accounts... :O

This is great news and it can only get better because the platform is awesome. No doubt, more people would certainly want to join the community. Thanks for the info and thanks for sharing.

A great achievement for steemit @alphacore.. Steemit is now growing rapidly, and my prediction may be fore facebook will lose competition in cyberspace..

Congratulations to all steemians to have 1.0 million members. Hopefully it will exponentially rise after the launch of SMT

It looks more like couple days ago.
Most important is that more and more steemians are flocking to #steem.
Keep on steemin'

was it sooner than I thought?
interesting, maybe the minnow booster tracker lags behind a day or two.

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the truth, I did not know this page until in a fair of games I saw a player who won with steemit, and I started in this although I am a little lost but .. I am already understanding what should be done and the truth is very good , to make users generate quality and genuine content to give us the opportunity to improve and make money by doing it

I hope that this page always works well

Yay! I see good things happening in the near future with so many users :D

Congratulations to all steemians to have 1.0 million members keep it up.