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RE: What Makes a 'dApp' a 'dApp'?

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Are there any Steem “dApps” that are actually decentralized? Or do they all masquerade as “dApps” while a majority of them are actually more centralized than most existing social media apps? I can’t think of any off the top of my head that are decentralized in any sense of the word.

It’s even somewhat questionable to me that Steem is called decentralized, considering how distribution is and how protocols are proposed and implemented.


I would say some are, yes, in the sense that the underlying working parts conform to the constructs that make it a dApp. I have noticed that quite a few rely on some dodgy centralization though.

I would however argue that they are all currently facing the interfacing issue -- so in that sense, none (including all our interfaces to the STEEM dApp) are truly decentralized for all users from start to end, unless you are validating the data yourself.

The STEEM cryptocurrency platform I would argue is decentralized from most metrics (though it does miss a few marks, these concerns are mostly academic). But the way the majority of users interface with it is not decentralized.

To me, only app base on smart contract is the true DAPP.

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