How to change your Steem Recovery Account with SteemWorld or SteemPeak

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I've been asked a few times about this lately, this is one of the easiest ways for people to change their account recovery partner away from steem which is currently non responsive, and generally not the most trusted right now.

Go to
For example my #palnet tribe account at

  • On the left hand side, select Account Details
  • On the right select Change Recovery Account


You'll be prompted for the username of your new recovery partner.
Make sure it's someone you can trust to respond to your request within 30 days.
This person needs to be able to be certain its you, discuss how you will contact and positively identify each other.


You will need your OWNER key to authorise this transaction. Currently only direct key entry, and steemconnect are available for this (no steem-keychain yet).


Hit OK and you're done! You'll see the recovery partner change request appear on the blockchain immediately, but the change will not take effect for 30 days from submission.

Alternative Method : Steempeak!

Steempeak now also has a brand-new very user friendly account recovery tools. I didn't realise when I started this post, but I may as well show both options now :)

You can access account recovery tools by going to your profile, and clicking "actions" in the header :
Then click "Keys & Recovery" and the "Account Recovery" tab
And enter your new recovery account, and your owner key

The change will be submitted, and take effect 30 days later.

More info about account recoveries

Thankyou @steemchiller for this tool, you get 50% of the payout of this post.

Update: Recoveries at steemit inc were fixed today (11/03/2020)- I would still recommend people take control of their own account recovery.


Now, one can also do it directly via @steempeak. It's one of their newly introduced features.

Not working for me @steempeak


Are you sure you're using your private OWNER key ? Seems like the wrong key type

@ausbitbank yes using private owner key @steempeak , returns that message.

Also at it forces me to use steemconnect for entering the OWNER key for security reasons, but then it fails to create the transaction.

I'm pretty paranoid at this point, could it be that the TRON witnesses are denying this type of transaction?

Same experience here, but got "38" instead of "149".
I tried it with two different accounts.

In the meanwhile it worked here, too!

I can not reproduce this. For me everything works well

Thanks for the heads up, I added steempeak to the post too :)

You're most welcome.

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Thanks for the great advice and article. Not sure who to select as the recovery account. Can this be individuals? Would @blocktrades be an option for example?

You want someone that :

  • Is tech savvy and able to perform the recovery steps
  • You've had prior contact with
  • Will recognise you
  • Will reliably respond to requests within 30 days max

I can't speak for blocktrades, you'd need to contact them. I'm not personally wanting to become everyones recovery partner, only people I regularly speak with. You can even be your own recovery partner on a second account if you want

Thanks for the reply. It's something important to consider!!

what would be the recovery steps? is there any short documentation on that?

cool, that @steempeak has now also implemented this feature :)

Make sure it's someone you can trust to respond to your request within 30 days

That's the most difficult part :) Using a Claimed account may be another option.

This is a great suggestion. In any case, we may not lose two accounts at the same time. If we have to use our alt account as a recovery account, I guess we have to keep both the keys in two different places just to be safe.

And maybe the recovery process can be difficult for normal people who don't understand even a little tech stuff.

Thabks for the mentions...

If Steemit isn't making accounts now, they probably aren't recovering them either. So if recovery account = steem , change now!

Thank you very much for this, in particular, and for all your hard work to implement voluntary society. Few of us plebs realize the debt we owe you.


No worries, you owe me nothing :)

Thanks for this update. I think it would be a nice idea to create a Claimed account and set that account as recovery account. Because we need to consider people who like to remain anonymous.

That's another good option, just be careful how you store all your keys. If they both get stolen at once its useless

Why should I change the recovery account?
Could you give me some reason for such a move?

Because Justin has disabled that feature via Steemit Inc. for now.

Oh shieeeeet, thanks mate

I keep getting this error :)

I get that same error message. Did you get it figured out?

Nope nope nope, I'll be ruined. Ruined I tell you!!! :I

I got mine to work! I was simply using the wrong key. Operator error.

I was trying with SteemConnect, did you have to manually place a key in there?

I ended up doing it through Steempeak.

Maybe I'll just hire you to do it for me hahaa :)

@tipu curate
Thanks for the useful how to! 🙏

Excellent thank you. As I understand it, a trustee will not be able to steal Steem, the main thing is that he be in touch for 30 days - right? If people trust you, can they choose you?

If you ever need the recovery service, and you can't meet them in person then you need to be sure its someone who won't ignore you for 30 days. If your recovery partner doesn't respond within 30 days of the request, your account could be lost for good.

Trustee's can't take your funds. Please don't set me as the recovery partner, choose someone you know personally that understands the recovery process.

I have too much going on right now to offer that service reliably, sorry. I don't need that responsibility :P

Thanks for the post and detailed answer!

@ausbitbank should this be done for accounts who have the @steem account listed as their recovery account?

If you've lost trust in steemit inc and don't want to be dependant on them for account recovery then I would recommend changing it. I'm personally never going to use again if I can help it.

However nothing will happen for 30 days, and be careful with your OWNER keys doing this. I haven't changed mine personally because I don't want to risk exposing my owner key (it's safe where it is). I will eventually, hopefully after we win this war :)

Thanks for the clarification.

I am of much the same opinion as far as the rest goes.

Next tut is about how to create an account with the same tool...
I don't think Sunny-boy is admitting new users right now 😉

If you want to do it without SteemWorld, I wrote a post a while ago on how to do it via CLI.

In the process of switching all our accounts and moving the specific accounts from the Steem account as the recovery account. Didn't know about Steemworld's ability as well. That's awesome. Thanks for pointing it out. We are the recovery for many of the accounts that we've helped on-board already, so they are safe.


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thanks for the post! I am still a bit unsure about this: so in case my account gets hacked, there is a recovery account (default is @steem) that will help me gain access to my account again (does this happen by sending me new passwords)?

And would it make sense if I were to set up an alt account (which I made myself) as my recovery account?

Thank you so much for sharing this!

That's all good and all but I don't have any trusted friends on steem. :(

Just did this for my wife and I this morning. Super easy through SteemWorld. Everyone needs to change if Steemit is still set as their recovery.

I like the idea of a new account that can be used as the recovery account. Then the keys can just be locked up and the account only accessed when needed for the recovery. I am going to do it but I just set ours so have to wait before I can, I presume.

It's always good to know various options for recovering keys and passwords.

Thank you very much for sharing this 😉👍 Great info and good to know.

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From a security standpoint! Do you believe is mandatory to change the recovery password at this stage from Steemit to Steemworld or Steempeak?

Good information about success... Thank for sharing..

This also doesn't work for me using any of the two methods. And it doesn't work trying to reveal my private owner key and copy-paste it again, I only see it being made out of points even after I click to reveal or reload the page...

Thank you for information

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Do i have a recovery account?
When i signed up, there wasn't even a whisper of such a thing.

i was told, here is you key, right it down, copy it, make sure to keep it safe because there is no recovery.

So, was steemit always a recovery account?

If you signed up with steemit then @steem is your recovery partner.

And it was: no recovery of lost keys. As far as I understand this is about recovery os stolen keys.

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Thank you

Thanks for your upload
It's very useful

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Excellent work

Are the transactions signed on the user's browser when using steemworld or steempeak? or the owner key sent to their servers and executed there?

good info!

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The ownerkey is not the active key, neither the masterkey? somehow I cant manage. there are 3keys in total right?

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