MisterDelegation just moved SP from abuse fighters, to abusers

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Check this out https://steemd.com/@misterdelegation


Not only is @justinsunsteemit replacing his sockpuppets with real puppets , he's removing delegations from critical abuse fighting groups to give it to his lackeys like @justyy (aka @themilkymark) . Wow.

It's also been over 24hrs since new Roy has checked in. "Trust us guys we're working around the clock to resolve this as a win-win for everyone". Your silence is deafening.


I could rant about all the ways this is wrong, but I don't think it's even needed at this point.

Edit: I'm recovering from my rage stroke, will flesh this post out more soon. We stirred up a fuss in the stinc slack and new roy has awoken to another clusterfuck.


I've been suspicious of justyyy for months before this drama. He got busted farming rewards with automated reports on multiple accounts, which led to clashes with marky, which led to the themilkymark's wierd blackmail attempt via transfer memos a while back. The proof is out there if anyone cares.

Another side joke to this is that justyyy supported the soft fork (as did new roy).

The biggest changes

The delegation transactions pictured above overwrite previous delegations. This is what they used to be :

@spaminator: 2.7 Million SP to 100 SP
@dtube : 2 Million SP to 200K
@steemcleaners : 1.5 Million SP to 100 SP
@oracle-d : 2 Million SP to 50K SP
@steemhunt : 1 Million SP to 300K SP
@fundition : 1 Million SP to 100 SP
@tasteem : 1 Million SP to 50 SP
@steempress-io : 1 Million SP to 10K SP
@esteemapp : 500K SP to 20K SP
@busy.pay: 500K SP to 100 SP
@mack-bot: 263K SP to 100 SP
@blockbrothers: 77K SP to 100 SP
@steemitboard: 30K SP to 50 SP
@poloniex : 10K SP to 100 SP
@bittrex : 10K SP to 100 SP
@binance-hot: 204 SP to 100 SP
@deepcrypto8: 2K SP to 100 SP

@justyyy : 500K SP for (?)

It's like someone just figured out that delegations exist. Note that the exchange delegations give them resource credits to process huge amounts of outgoing transactions. Guess what will happen when (if) they fully power down ?

New Puppets

We have a brand new witness @triple.aaa that shot straight to position 10 with only 27 votes. Those votes include the legitimate Korean votes, but also the @steemit ninjamine, and @poloniex customer funds. The founder just happens to be the unbiased non-witness mediator @jayplayco from the meeting only 4 days ago.

Such a small world, what are the chances..

The other new puppet is @maiyude , who seems to have been chosen simply for being the first to respond positively to @justinsuntron's now "deleted" witness voting post

New Roy

When the @mrdelegation shuffle happened, we again pinged #newroy and eli on slack. They may just be pawns with no authority, but poking them helps relieve my tension. I'm sharing the logs because all rules seem to be off at this point.

I have never, and will never enter into any contract or NDA with Steemit Inc : image.png

2 hours later


11 hours later


Actions > Words



Welcome spammers, bye bye dapp communities.

I have a total lack of surprise that @justinsunsteemit is still behaving in a dishonorable and underhanded way.

To think that folks think that they can 'negotiate' and/or 'come to terms' with him is absolutely absurd!

I met @justyy at the London Crypto Currency Show. A really decent guy who lives in the UK. I think to pull the plug on the delegations is bad form, just goes to show how little research and education is going into their ridiculous decisions.

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Downvoted. Disagreement on Rewards. But I agree with everything as regards content :-)

I was wondering as to why you were downvoting all good posts which were trending!

Downvoting "Top of Trending" is usually good for STEEM :-)

Could you please stop flagging every blog post by Steemcleaners? They are not even trending. Far from being at the top.
There are dozens of other posts trending every day but you have been only keeping flagging few specific Steemians/projects for years.

I will flag everything in trending until the cool kids invite me into their coks and hooker parties.

Why? So you can do what you did several times in the Steemit slack and caused most people to stop taking you seriously? That ship is sailed, doubt any of the cook kids want anything to do with you. Oh, and that last post of mine you downvoted? It wasn't trending, in fact you left it at 90 cents, so stop the bullshit, it's not about trending, It's because you got marginalized.

Sounds cool. So Downvote Flatrate confirmed for all the cool kids :-)

They seem to be still supporting some good projects as well. A public statement on this would be nice. @justyy appears to be voting for a lot of the top community witnesses.

He seems running the soft fork as well. The version 0.22.1.

Well if you don't like downvotes you would want to encourage shitty behaviour on the blockchain, at least his consistent in his messaging around how he wants to ruin the progress we made and turn it into a spam and bot factory like his network

Money corrupts even the loyal. The STEEM we knew is as good as dead, unless we are forking out, Idk WTF we are doing!!
Such a shame to see such a great project go to shit.

Only the corrupt are even tempted by bribes. If someone can be bribed, they were never loyal at all.

Now its a War. I was hopeful for peace, now the cards are showing.

What beats me is why an investor such as @roebuckdm, I mean he has an active investing background, emphasizes overtime so much.

There is no such thing as overtime if you’re entrepreneur or investor. You put in the effort required to WIN. Overtime doesn’t earn you brownie points, overtime is an integral component of professional life when developing biz.

Pretty sure he didn’t count, or mention, overtime when he worked for Draper-Fisher Jurvetson.

And I presume he's getting paid for the time he invests in this conflict - while all the witnesses and other people on Steem are not ;)

@kawaiicrush was right about this place.

Yes. I remember! You always. Power down was good choice and good moment..

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I did not get any reaction in the MSP audience room 24 hours ago but I think I know the answer now ...

This was my question/comment:

I'm still not sure if David (the new Roy) is saying things we want to hear to buy Justin time ... he even said that in his opinion the SF 22.2 was ok and understandable.
Is he - as a good friend of Justin - just saying this to buy more time and give hope???

Looks like the answer is "yes".
I could feel it while listening to the recording of the town hall meeting.

I'm wondering when they will start voting on content :)

They already have, he was giving out $20 downvotes to people who said anything disagreeing with him and $20 upvotes to those who supported him in one of the posts.

Ha ... so nothing unexpected then ... everything is on the table

As I said in my post... won't be long I bet.

Lmao at @blockbrothers delegation getting mostly nixed after brown-nosing Sun. 😂

You guys need to understand that Justin Sun doesn't give a rats ass about the emotional connection we have with Steem. To him, it's just a bunch of coins he's moving around. Don't get me wrong, I voted the witnesses and I speak against his actions on Twitter, but at the end of the day, the community(us) will lose more.

Tasteem went down to 50sp lmao.

I don't think so. We remain the source of value of Steem tokens, and we will remain the source of that value, whether it applies to Steem tokens, or a new token after Sun forks the crap outta Steem.

When Sun forks, he'll lose the community, and that source of his stake's value. We'll still have value, and he won't.

Hopefully we'll end up on a chain that is actually decentralized, instead of the pretense of it Steem always has been. That will increase our value as well. The tokens don't give us value. We are the value, and where we go, so goes the wealth.

You're under the impression that everyone will go with the community but that's not the case. We will experience losses and will have to rebuild again.

I'm confident the majority of the community will prefer a fork on which they're not Sun's private property. I don't think Sun will have enough pandering toadies to make his fork useful.

I've been wrong before, and could be wrong now. That's ok. Right or wrong, I'll not remain on a fork subject to a unitary executive. A lot of folks will feel the same. More than that I cannot predict.

Are you talking about the crypto that you 'own'? It may be worth noting that the 'steem' crypto has more in common with Canadian tire money than it does with the type of pull you seem to believe the users actually have. It has value more because it is treated as though it has value than any inherent value.

I'm talking about Steem having value because it has a use case, and that use case is proved out by thousands of users that are passionate about it.

The tokens are just representations of that passion.

The passion is where the value is.

He is still delegating to @steemcleaners, @spaminator and @esteemapp :)

while this is technically correct, I wouldn't call a 100 SP delegation to steemcleaners and spaminator a real delegation in any meaningful sense of the word. 100 SP isn't even meaningful to a minnow, let alone a large anti-spam project.

True :p

Interesting times

A lot must be going on backstage and we don't know shit. I really do hope something good would come out of this. Goddamn!

I guess that piece of shit prioritized destroying steem in side out
Lets split the chain, fuck them

I dont really know what the hell happen now and what the fuck Justin wants now, but @justyy this need to stop and please, don't sell yourself just for a delegation or soo...

I could rant about all the ways this is wrong, but I don't think it's even needed at this point.

It is needed, because witnesses like you are the only people here who can convince these unconvinced. I have no power, my friend who are not witnesses have no power.

Is this a new game from them?

it is insane

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I think it’s time to stop and ask wtf do they think “win win” means. I don’t think they have the same definition. Every time they say it I think “oh god, wtf are they going do next in the insane world they live in.”

I hope one of you witnesses are able to ask and get a clarification.

I'm pretty sure they're looking for a situation where they win, and then they win again.

Thanks Ausbitbank, for fighting, but also for staying on top of informing us all. I appreciate it.

It's a mess currently and I'm hoping our New Roy can make a difference.

PS/FYI: @blockbrothers didn't gain 100 SP, but lost their 80k or so delegation which I believe they received for developing the Steemify app.

Thanks for letting me know about the blockbrothers delegation, I updated the list

Hooray! It's Opposite Day!

Don't kill this blockchain!

What would we do without STEEM?

anyone explained @roebuckdm that a person who works behind his back is not really a friend?

I said it as soon as he came, if he doesn’t realize that the community is steem’s greatest asset, even if he pumps the price he’ll bring back all the old problems.

I didn’t want to say it when I thought there was a chance he’d work with us, but just look at this guys track record. It speaks volumes.

I still believe it’s worth trying to reason with him, because he won’t want to lose money on his investment, but trust is another story entirely.

i am still trying to get the picture of what is unfolding

I'm curious about something. My understanding is that it takes a week for delegated funds to be returned to the delegator after the delegation is withdrawn. Are they immediately removed from the delegate, or does that take a week to happen too?


The delegatee loses that power immediately.

The delegator will receive the delegations back in 5 days.

Delegatee has the SP removed immediately.

Thats great! Good job!!!

This really sucks for those of us been here a while.

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Poking people just to check that they are awake is my favorite hobby... "Wakey wakey, rise and shine..."

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It's time that we start kicking it Old School, im not talking cement boots, im talking good old fashioned ass beatings, when everything was local back in the day, sheister's would have to pick their marks carefully lest you get your ass hammered in the parking lot at the local grocery store. In this global day and age I'm getting Hella fed up, Justice? I could only dream!

thank you ausbit, I am now having anger mental trauma but I will just keep following your posts instead of nauseate myself reading those posts from the other side.

That new @blocktrades blockchain cannot come soon enough. Justin will have nothing left.

Busy's delegation was the only reason I post. Cutting off spam fighting accounts is really a slap in the face of the community

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How can you frame me for @themilkymark? This is really not cool.

I don't give a shit about your denials. I want to know what you got for selling us all out.


I unvoted you because you are framing me for something I didn't do.

And I never voted you because I don't trust you. At all. Your words mean nothing, all I'm curious about is your price.

500K delegation?

That is fine, you don't know me, and I couldn't care less.

i don't know any of you, but it would be interesting to know what was the talk and who did you talk to to get 500.000 steem delegation from misterdelegation?

Presumption of innocence. Are you just few less educated people without knowledge of Rule of law?

lol... you think laws apply here in this case? I think you might need to rethink your education.

Laws are the minimal baseline of regulation. So the spirits of laws should be applied here.

regulation of social interaction? You aren't from around here, are you?

You have now 500k SP to downvote the milky mark :-)

😅 I don't want to start a flagging war, as this is absolutely unhealthy. Let the past be the past.

Hi. Can you tell us what for did you get delegation from steemit inc?

Never trusted you as well! 500k sp delegation over night. You should be so proud to vote for sock puppet.

I use my own judgements to vote for the witnesses. And I do vote for a lot of the Top witnesses.

The so-called critical abuse fighting groups are also farming by doing bot-posting. That's your double standards?☺

Actual work is performed. Those reports are representation of things done.

Those other shit bot posts you post and delegate to are pointless shit we can see on the blockchain already.

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