Steem Windows Wallet and Miner v0.12.2

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MS Windows build of Steem v0.12.2 is released.

You will need Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 . Download it here -

Changes made in this release:

Performance improvements especially in memory management

Hard limit to address oversized blocks and transactions


Does not work:
g new config file at D:/steem/chain/config.ini
1707630ms th_a witness.cpp:98 plugin_initialize ] _witne
sses: []
1707633ms th_a database.cpp:118 reindex ] !no la
st block
1707633ms th_a database.cpp:119 reindex ] last_b
1707635ms th_a thread.cpp:95 thread ] name:n
tp tid:356
1707635ms th_a thread.cpp:95 thread ] name:p
2p tid:368
Auto configuration failed
84700:error:02001015:system library:fopen:Is a directory:.\crypto\bio\bss_file.c
84700:error:2006D002:BIO routines:BIO_new_file:system lib:.\crypto\bio\bss_file.
84700:error:0E078002:configuration file routines:DEF_LOAD:system lib:.\crypto\co

Could you please help me with windows 32 bit??

This is amazing!
So exciting to watch the Steemit infrastructure grow at such a rate.
I hope your efforts are rewarded. Seriously people, get behind this guy!

nice job mate happy to read your news.

Hi mate, there is a decent guide here by bitcube also.
I haven't used it myself but I have had a read through and it seems to cover everything. Let me know how you get on. good luck!


@bitcube Please check this post, steemd eating 2GB+ ram... is this normal?

I was about to go ballistic. I updated to this version and my miner would not kick in. I resynced and everything and nothing worked. Then, after about an hour of frustration, I came up with the brilliant idea to reboot. Worked like a charm. Thanks Bitcube! I'm now ready for the next fork.

I'm all about this! Downloading when I get home.

I see an increase in speed but the same ram behavior, nearly 3GB of system memory used!

Wait for it to be fully synced and restart steemd.exe. It should take about 500+ MB RAM when fully synced.

sadly this is not the case :(
Can anyone else please also report the ram usage in win7 64 ?

It doesn't wotk for me.

Steemd is using more than 4GB Ram after synced and reset.

@bitcube, can you help me?

What should the config file look like after I edit it? After I add the seed nodes and the miner names and pass keys steemd just crashes. I keep getting an "unexpected character" error.

you should be careful how you enter the text, for a witness i think its:

witness = mrhankeh

but for the miner its:

miner = ["mrhankeh","WIFKEY"]

if you put any spaces or miss quotes or include quotes then you will get the error you are getting.

Ah! The quotes! Thank you!

Setap cli_wallet.exe ?...more info... Help pls.

Any chance for Mac edition?

Hi mate, @teego has a small guide here. there are some links at the bottom of his post with further information. good luck and let me know how you get on.

Very awesome, thanks for sharing!

Thank you. Very useful info.

Great news you shared be blessed and warm wishes for you and for STEEMIT.

That's amazing! Thank you, bitcube.
I will install it right away

Yes, yes! Finally. I'm going to give it a try on Windows 10 later tonight.

Is there a tutorial for mining with this tool?

That's great! Try it right now

Great news! Downloading it as we speak...

that's really amazing and nice work you did keep up

Muchas gracias por su trabajo ;)

Is there a fix for the unable to add to blockchain error. I will post an example next time I get it. Thanks in advance.

Hello, BitCube.
Do you have plans to develop simple miner with GUI for Windows?
Guys, please Upvote this comment if you need GUI Miner too.

Does the SteemD creates a log of important mining events?