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RE: Creation of new Steem accounts without waiting and paying anything (with new Resource Credits system)

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Great write up. I’ve been using by @pharesim, which now supports account claiming, and think it deserves some love as a tool too! It also incorporates sending invite emails etc. to help with the promotional process.


Tried to use it with 4400+ SP available. Had something like 9.1 TRC. Tough luck, discounted account was 9.4 TRC. Tried again with 4700+ SP Tough luck, discounted account price had climbed to 10.1 TRC. "The system" doesn't want me inviting people to steem it would seem. So I just delegated my SP to for-profit bid-bots and started focusing on other opportunities.

Because obviously for-profit bid-bots are the Darwinian winners in the steem system. Survival of the fittest. It's obvious for-profit bid-bots are the fittest "organism" in the steem eco-system and no amount of idealism from @pharesim and other well-intentioned people is going to change that. Memento communism - a very humanistic ideology ... until it leads in practice to survival of the fittest: Stalin

I recently wrote this post:

However, I have the impression that with the new tools that blockchain offers, it will quickly become outdated :P

You are right!

I didn't knew that SteemInvite also added a support for claimed accounts: