Hi, this video has open my eyes and raise more questions than I had before watching your video, also has make me see this platform under a new light, thanks for showing me something new, right in front of me, so let me return the favor, in every post you make try go back and link back your next video, meaning, on this post you make reference of your next video, but yet there is no link, this way will be much easier to follow you and consume your content. also makes it so much stronger SEO wise, if you have time take a look at my silo structure blogpost
If you have any questions I can answer it on the blog post always glad to help fellow steemers

thanks for that video - have to come back to this once I have enough steem to get into trading as I have never traded any currency including crypto ;-)

Good and easy explnations! Thank you for this video :)

Very pro bro, old traders should see this too, it's not just for beginners, thanks for this great video

Your welcome Ben , really grateful for the feedback. Much appreciated.