CrowdWitness Report: The Shape of Things to Come

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We are all excited about upcoming HF21, there are some concerns since we are not big stakeholders, but that is life - we are fighting our way through with our heads high!

As we speak, our primary node is replaying the HF21 chain - and we will be gladly switching to MIRA soon - after all as a very low positioned back up witness it is really questionable to run the non-MIRA version, but we have gone through it in the past 10 months, and guess what - We have just reached 2000 SP just from producing! This is not a big number, but to us, it means a lot - there were days when we were thinking just to kill the node and invest that money - we would be getting more steem than producing (basically with current price it is the same), but MIRA is the game changer!

Anyways, if you still haven't voted for us we kindly ask you to consider it, here is the steemconnect link or you can do it manually, we are positioned at 82nd place on witness voting page.

So what are we doing?
Let's say lots of stuff - but mostly relating and living the PhD Comics.

Our little group contemplating on the upcoming opportunities. Taken from Pixabay.

On chain?

We have a new addition in our lines, mr @axeman. He has been with us for quite some time and on the mutual pleasure, he is enriching our compact community as an awesome curator!

We asked our partners from Bananafish community to tell us what is brewing in their murky water:

We successfully created a staff of 6 members (@f3nix, @brisby, @marcoriccardi, @calluna, @dirge, @ntowl) who now share tasks in conducting the many initiatives of the community. The Realms of @bananafish represent now more than ever an ongoing creativity workshop which offers contests (Finish the Story, Tell a Story to Me, Mizu no Oto, Quest in the Realms and other flash contests), rewards, upvotes and support to every follower of the potassium deity. We are reaching self-sustainability and we reward every week in STEEM, SBI, and SNAX tokens with one of the juiciest pots in the whole contests' scenario on Steemit. Our discord and Steemit community is growing steadily and we will soon launch a fidelity program for the members that write with us week after week, plus we will create a focus on the best fiction and poetry works of our fellows bananafishians.

We are grateful for all the support you gave us, and we will continue to do all we can to support you and the crowd gathered around your projects and ideas!

Supporting the @crowdwitness is much more than supporting @crowdmind. While we are helping our and many other communities to grow, we continue to support valuable ones:

  1. @teamserbia - Serbian community on Steem counts a large number of awesome steemians (in voting trail)
  2. @Bananafish writing community is a safe harbour for every writer and poet.
  3. @steemSTEM - The greatest scientific community on steem blockchain - be sure to check their dapp
  4. @davinci.witness - numerous translators gathered around main idea to translate opensource projects.
  5. @teamaustralia community by following @centerlink curation trail.
  6. @steemitworldmap let's populate the google maps with all the beautiful steem travel posts!

I also encourage you to support any of the above-mentioned projects. They are just awesome and have been around for a long time. Cheers to them!

Witness rank:

Crowdwitness is ranked as 82th amongst active witnesses. We are approved by 399 steemians with cumulative 8,337 MVests. Sadly, since all the Hard Fork talks and our statement of supporting it because it is really a true step towards pushing and incentivising crowdsource activities, we managed to lose 3,000 MVests. But we stand behind our words, and we appreciate these much larger number of 400 votes!

Thank You all and happy crowdsourcing

We are open for discussion with other project leaders and collaboration with them.


To vote for our witness, just click the banner for steemconnect below.
vote manually here:

Happy to hear of the addition of @Axeman to the Crowdwitness!

We're proud to stand solidly in support of our incredible partners!! Cheers to all you've accomplished and the many projects that you've helped to sustain and here's to more success in the future! 🍻

Hi @crowdwitness. I just added you as a witness and my other accounts will follow too (as I'm their proxy).

!giphy cheers

Thanks! Appreciate that!

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Good luck and Good work!

If I have to chop off every last one to come up with an idea, I'll do it!