Any Good Steem Alternatives?

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I'm not going to put too much effort in this post, since everything has gone to shit in a matter of hours. I'm just curious if there are any good alternatives for Steem...

I think I have an account on publish0x, which seems to be a somewhat viable alternative. Medium would be another option, but I reckon I'd not earn too much on there. If you know of any other similar platforms, please do share them in the comments or alternatively give your opinion of this whole situation.

I will say that I find it pretty incredible that Justin managed to turn 90% of the Steem community against him with just one post. Pretty funny that @berniesander's fear-mongering turned out to be completely true in the end...

With pretty much all important Steem Dapps shutting down, not much will be left I reckon. I doubt that the town hall meeting will fix things, I'm not holding too much hope here.

If you're not up-to-date on the situation:

Definitely check all the comments


Just wait for the legitimately elected witnesses to hard fork to a properly decentralised Steem.
Full nodes are cheap enough to run now that it can be a requirement to be a witness.
Eliminate the ninjamined stakes and those of the exchanges that did this and you have a properly decentralised Steem.

For me it is not that easy.
What about the investors that have their tokens in binance? what is your message to them... do they lose their tokens in the new fork?

Agree that investors with funds on Binance etc should not lose funds, however these funds are now stuck because of the powerup by Binance etc.
There are a few options:

  1. Contractual agreement with exchanges not to power up customer stakes;
  2. Code based changes to delay witness voting for 2-4 weeks after a powerup;
  3. Fork the exchange stakes into a trust account that would release the steem directly to the investors with proof of ownership.

If this were to happen, it would be under a different brand. Steem, as we know it, will always have the Steemit Inc ninjamined stake. NewChainSteem doesn't need to have that.

Fork needs a new name : “Water” not Steem Classic. No more vapourware false promises.
Real life-giving decentralization.
No more confusion with “Steam” gaming platform.

If that happens, I'm in.

Do you know anyone who's working on that atm? I'd definitely send them a couple of hundred dollars to speed things up!

This comment to the top of the list for the best viable alternative to ‘current’ Steem.

I remember the days when this image got 600$ 😂

Minds. Ethereum-based, off-chain transactions, rewards you for users interacting on your content. Token can be withdrawn but only exchanged on DEXs which also are not listing it

Sports related content, can still be written on scorum.
For the rest I don't know any platforms which does come close to the old steem.

Lots of dapps are down. So, no more autovotes. I expect we can see a huge drop in posts written.


Let me know when u found something. I have not tried any of the other platforms.

Will do, I do think Publish0x is pretty good though

Will check it out.

Publish0x does not have a dedicated cryptocurrency. It uses sponsors so very different from steemit. Also as of right now only people who write posts on Publish0x earn crypto. Curators can earn by splitting up reward % with authors but comments on post earn nothing.

Is it a coincidence that steem-auto is down, I need to ask.


Oh multiple Dapps are down and I don't see that changing any time soon.

Yes I see it.


Here's some more:


Keep in mind that a lot of Dapps rely on SteemSQL, so that shutdown can have quite the trickle effect

I have sent my liquid out to Bittrex, this is a sad sad day.

This is definitely some interesting news. I hope that it all turns out for the best in the end. If not. I am not sure what I will do. I am probably going to start putting more time and effort into EOS Voice for sure. I know that isn't for everyone though because of the strict KYC. Plus it is a bit censored. However, I think it still has potential.

Yeah Voice might be something I need to check out, but I've heard EOS is going through pretty rough times as well.

Some additional info:


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