Buckle your Seatbelts

in #steem5 years ago

mcafee alt tweet.PNG

According to the great McAfee Alt coins are about to go on a run.

I am ready for steem to blast off with bitcoin once again, because it is still the best crypto platform experience.

I have high hopes for this blockchain community, the upvote function is a superior to way to generate crypto currency when compared to other blockchains.

It is more rewarding to create and curate content than to mine coins and it is awesome that an upvote from somebody doesn't cost them a dime. In fact upvoting actually makes the upvoter more money via curation bonuses.

Steem really is the best live and tradable decentralized crypto/blockchain platform available at this point in time and if McAfee says alts are going up I know steem will blast off once again

Of course steem isn't perfect, and it may never be perfect. But nothing else is perfect either.

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