Why have rewards dropped significantly over the year?

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I have been a member on Steemit for a year now.

Summarizing my recent experiences here and checking how some users that started out at the same time as me progressed I have concluded that people are making significantly less per post than in this same period last year.

I can remember that the trending posts were between 800-2700$ per post. You can dream about this now.

So what happened? Is it because the number of users has increased so the cake pieces get smaller? Or is it a game theory in play?

I would like to hear some opinions?


I would say payout values are contingent on the value of STEEM. As you know, it is tanking mercilessly...lol...

I believe it's all a manipulated market from personal observation. Learning how to reap the gains is worth the effort. As much as I don't want to call it a 'game'...that's pretty much jmho of what I consider it. Now, should SMT come into being; and, things take off....then I'll reconsider.

However, when I observed unnamed whales power down hundreds of thousands of dollars...then, observed the value deflate like a tire with a slow leak...then everything gets into focus pretty swiftly...smh...rme...lol!

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have you used Minds.com before?

Admittedly, @drumsta, this is the first I've ever heard of it. I took a quick look and needless to say will do a bit more research.

It seems 'investment' blogging may be a growing trend. It shall be interesting, now that the gig is up on FB and the likes offering zero roi.

Many thanks for the tip!


No problem :)

Thank for suppory me

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I don't have any direct input or evidence, but I have a guess. Could it be related to the rise in bots? I see many posts which, to me, seem rather low quality (not that I'm the final arbiter of quality or anything) but which have rather high payouts. Often, these are posts which bots have upvoted. I don't know much at all about how the system works, but it seems as though this would damage the credibility of the upvote system and lower overall payouts.

I agree there are many bots

I think the main factor is the decline in value of the platform’s currencies to recent lows. However, the reward pool has also definitely been more distributed as well.

I don't mean the general value of the post but now as you mentioned it my upvote wort at one point 0.05 and is now 0.01. How can that happen if my steem power is the same?

The amount shown takes into account the average value of STEEM for a certain period for 50% and SBD at $1 for another 50% if that is your default setting.