DTube Airdrop is coming... How many DTCs will you receive?

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As mentioned previously in multiple blog posts, and in our whitepaper, 50% of the starting DTC supply is going out as a big airdrop to our past STEEM users. That's a whopping 2 million DTC.

Thanks for using DTube for almost three years. Thanks to you, DTube will be opening a brand new social blockchain on 1st of July , with a fresh new stake distribution, focused on fairness.

See the full airdrop recipients list

We calculated the list based on the beneficiary rewards generated on DTube videos through time. Bad actors such as bid-bots or spammers have been arbitrarily excluded from the airdrop.

This airdrop will be released over 6 months. You will need to log-in with the Steem account listed a recipient, and a DTube account. Then, a popup will appear on d.tube every 10th of the month and allow you to claim 1/6th of your total airdrop, starting on 1st of July and ending on 1st of November.

Unclaimed DTCs will be burnt, however we reserve the right to re-distribute 20% of the unclaimed tokens in real-life events related to DTube, crypto-currency, or video.

The snapshot for the airdrop was April 18th 2020 at 00:00 UTC, therefore the only possible way to acquire more DTC until the launch of the main-net, is the token sale (still 340,000 DTC available).

Need support?

For support from the team and the community, please comment this post or go to our:

If you have lost your private keys, please read this article.

The DTube team


Do it for the Tube!

Looking forward to seeing this platform take off. It's been a long time coming! :)

I don’t 100 % get it, but I will check it out later

Once claimed, on which exchange can we dump the tokens?

LOL you don’t mince your words do you? I like it

Wow. Hoping to claim my airdrop on 10th

Proud of you DTube!!!!

Good job guys


Being so excited for this one! :)

Seems i got excluded. 😂

Do i fall under bidbots or spammers? Or you just didnt like my post. lol

gl with your blockchain.

Awesome news! Thanks for the update!

You're still around! Long time no see :D

Very good news!

Thanks for your efforts @dtube

I have this problem with Dtubes feed is not displaying my posts either on the feed or at my profile?

Is there a bug or something?
I post through hive

This is a bit off-topic, but in the DTube settings I've set #nsfw videos completely off, so that they are not and should not be visible, but they still are completely visible on the front page. Why is this?

Is the DTC airdrop today still?
I've not seen a pop up...