This video about @steem-ua , completely nails its fundamental concepts:

  • instead of trying to (only) use promotional tools on a per-post basis to acquire visibility per post, @steem-ua incentivizes organical account growth over time
  • by publishing both quality content (about which topics is irrelevant for that matter) and engaging with the community, everyone can build a real following that steadily supports you over time, rather than "going for quick wins"

So choosing to work with and supporting @steem-ua both by delegating to it as well as staying active aligning with its core concepts, in essence boils down to a choice:

If you believe in organical growth, both at the individual account level as well as on the collective platform level, then @steem-ua is right for you.

Heh, @scipio said it all guys. I'm thankful as now I have support to my video, if I said anything potentially wrong :)

By the way I honestly feel this project can transform whole STEEM blockchain for the better of us all, obviously - if it gets enough traction! :)

Peace be with ya holmes

The only reason this is profitable is because of whales supporting the system. Whithout the big delegators who are loosing income this system could not function at all.

So instead of applauding the idea you should be applauding the whales who support the system.

And in essence this is a friendship system. The big boys have the big friends have the big upvotes. And yes in theory you could rise on the ladder but to be frank it would take you ages.

I believe this system can have a diffrent effect in the end. Bigger fish might not add you as a friend because they don't want to share there UA with plankton.

As i predicted the moment i saw the returns of the big delegators, the delegations towards steem-ua are dropping. From the 450k it is now down to 340k. That is a drop of 100k+.

Understandable as most people on steem are here to make some money and create great content while doing so. They neglected the fact that delegators want to earn something. They like to support great ideas aswell but if the profit is reduced by 80% they go somewhere else.

And then I wonder why a creator of the system only delegates 250 himself when he has much more? He asks people to delegate as much as possible yet only delegates 250 out of his 599 (not counting the liquid steem he has). If he only had 599 I could maybe understand. But he has 2000 delegated to him.

Well if I would create a system and want to promote it I would delegate practicily everything I could.

I should check that out, thanks for the alert!

You definitely should, make sure to do it soon so you can get those benefits :)

Large or small we can all benefit from the services of @steem-ua
Great job @scipio and of course your team. :)

Definitely, thanks for the comment :) how you doing?

great thanks for asking :P

Hi @enjoyinglife!

Your post was upvoted by @steem-ua, new Steem dApp, using UserAuthority for algorithmic post curation!
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#28? damn, seems like a nice rank tbh ;)

This sounds great. Awesome job

Yeah it's a great project, I delegated too :) I'll make a post soon

You are such a generous man @enjoyinglife.Keep it up.You make steemit alive.

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@enjoyinglife are you still getting any benefit from #steemua delegation?

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