Hive chain coming is a SHAME TIME for Steem.

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I always think Steem is a creators' social platform. But in past two years I joined here, I found I am absolutely wrong. Most of people come here only for MONEY. Only few of people persist writing intersting posts on Steem and coding useful tools for Steem.

Since most people come for money, let's talk about money. But first, I want to ask you guys a question.

Do you really think you will get MORE in HIVE chain under the top witnesses' Governance?

In the DPoS blockchain world, I think there are two nuclear weapons. One is blocking somebody's assets and the other is to let exchange vote. These two weapon will beat all people's confidence greatly. Confidence is the most important thing in the stock market. It is same in blockchain world. Because price is based on the confidence.

But unfortunately, the top witnesses use one of the nuclear weapons FIRST in this incidence.

As we all know, the ninja-mined stake is still in controversial state. In past serveral years, are the top witnesses do any real useful job for this? Do they make any soft fork after the Ned's promise? We can see that none of soft fork has submitted. So why do these people so decisive to make a soft fork to block assets after Justin Sun bought Steem Inc.? Is this two standard for the same thing?

In the blockchain world, code is everything. If human's promise is useful, why we use blockchain? In ninja-mined stake, top witnesses were seriously negligence for the benefit of the community. Now they tell all the community people they care about the benefit of the community after they blocked Justin Sun's asset. It's funny.

Do you believe that these people can govermant the new Hive chain better than Steem? They used to have over three years to make Steem better. But everybody see that Steem likes a sink boat day by day. The current Steem community is full of corruption. Who cause these things happen? And What do these people do for resolving the chaos?

I think these people can only fire people's emotions, make people angry, make people lose their minds, and then they can get votes from the people and last get the benefits they want. And all these thins are done under the guise of decentralization for the community.

As I said, code is everything in the blockchain world. Human's promise is shit. Don't trust any promise whatever the top witnesses or Justin Sun. Only when the promise becomes code, we make the decision.

Please keep peace, no anger, think carefully about it! We're adult, not kids.

Please trust your thought, trust yourself!

Nobody can protect your assets in the blockchain world unless the code!

PS: If the people who run the Hive chain persist fair and decentralized, please start Hive from 0 block and no airdrop.

PS: The people who are prepareing the Hive chain said Justin Sun bought Steem in a very low price. As I know, the buying contract always has a confidentiality agreement. So how do these people know that? Lying? No spirit of contract? Do you guys really trust them to run a fair and decentralized new chain?


Ned made public statements that the ninja mined stake would be decentralised and used to develop the blockchain. Justin stated he wanted to sell it and reverse the plan that has stood for several years. This is why the softfork was implemented for Justin and not for Ned.

But Ned sell these stake to Justin. Does Ned keep his promise?

As I said, code is everything in blockchain world. This is the duty of witnesses. But witnesses lost their duty.

Users of a blockchain, especially a DPoS blockchain, have a duty to keep it decentralized. Users that voted for it to be attacked by a single party failed at their duty. They are a large part of the reason it's necessary to create Hive, so Hive won't automatically airdrop on them.

Your reason is very funny.

My point is that locked somebody's account is a very wrong way. Especially this account hasnot been locked until its owner changed. The top witnesses are putting a two-standard on the same issue which can be solved by coding long time ago.

Nobody's accounts are locked in Hive. Nobody is owed anything on this new Hive blockchain. It is a new blockchain being forked from Steem. Accounts will carry on in Hive and can still be used by their owners. Balances are being airdropped on corresponding Hive accounts that did not participate in the centralization attack on Steem. If you like Steem, stay here and don't worry that some people's corresponding Hive accounts did not receive an airdrop. If you'd like to exclude your own airdropped balance on Hive, you can still send it to the @null account.

You said nobody's accounts are locked on Hive.

But I don't believe those top witnesses ever. This time they locked the account, who knows when they will lock the account again for their own benefit.

How many witnesses get benefit from @freedom and other big whale accounts. But what did they do for the community? Over three years passed, I only see the community is sinking.

If I get airdropped balance, I will send it to the @null account no doubt.

I don't trust them, they had 4 years to do great things in Steem and they never did anything, I don't think that in the new chain they will do something different. They will only benefit from the hive.
I stay here :)

I think it's important to clarify what you expect of a witness. Some expect them to develop the core protocol further. Others just to produce blocks and add value in other ways. In the past, it was difficult to develop the protocol because Steemit, inc controlled the Github repo and was already paying developers for code updates they thought were important (not necessarily updates the community valued). Witnesses trying to build SMTs or MIRA or Communities while Steemit was working on them does not make sense. Now, with Hive, there is no Steemit, inc so the community (including the witnesses) can move forward on their own. Staying on a centrally controlled blockchain seems like an odd choice to me since a blockchain is supposed to be decentralized. If one person can control everything, what use a blockchain?

You think community can make those dreams be true on Hive. But in past 4 years, it has been proved community cannot make those be true. Most people are busy getting benefits from big whale accounts in past 4 years.

People tend to believe what they are told. Bad time for STEEM. If you are leaving STEEM then shut down your witness node. I love STEEM no matter what, thus I stay.

No matter what, even if all the witness nodes are controlled by one person? Is that even a blockchain?

Was there a time that the top 20 witnesses are voted by one single account freedom/pumpkin?
Is that even a blockchain that there is a centralised blacklist saying who should not get airdoped?

Voting you for this position.

去掉了@steemit的ninja-mined stake ,还有@freedom以及许许多多人的ninja-mined stake 。