Steemit Crypto Comic...Lets Spread The Word About Steem....#SpreadSteem

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HAHAHA get a nice laugh in Steemians, but our goal should be spreading the word of Steemit to "EVERYONE". Get your friends and family signed up. Ask local businesses to hang up flyers to help spread the word. Help those local businesses create a Steemit login. That is how Steemit will grow to the moon.

@timcliff created a contest for the best Steemit flyer and this is it! Lets help spread the word!!! Steem on:)

^^A big thanks to @alphacore who created this cool Steemit Flyer^^
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Please help find new Steemains and FOLLOW/RESTEEM/UPVOTE :)


I stopped using and promoting steemit months ago - about the time of the layoffs and guitar playing - and now only promote steem and the other dapps I use.

I think the sooner steem is not identified with steemit, the better.