Fucked if you do, fucked if you don't...

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Not too long ago, the Steem chain broke into two, and the place that shall not be named started. Justin Sun-ova-bitch really didn't give us much of an option. In a way that's good, since I had been hoping for a fork for a while, due to Steemit being utterly incompetent and discouraging outside development.

Except now we have two chains, the old, and the new. The old still has a bunch of services and people that haven't moved over to the new one yet. And the new one...is surprisingly still pretty quiet.

I myself find that I kinda have to keep posting on Steem, despite being utterly pissed off at Steemit censoring the chain on their platform. I actually hated Steemit's censorship a long time ago in regards to things that were far less controversial for many. The thing is, the things I cross post don't earn even a dollar on Steem often, and earn even less on the new chain. I never earned much of anything on the chain except when I was curated, which I was curated quite a few times, so I'm plenty happy with that. But if I am going to earn writing a blog, I'd prefer to earn a bit more than 20 cents of crypto for a post. Though perhaps my posts aren't deserving. Perhaps I need to write some fiction that really deserves something.

Maybe my cross posting to both chains is discouraging some voting as well. How dare I not simply abandon Steem.

But the thing is, I'm not sure that we should abandon Steem.

Yeah, Justin Sun-ova-bitch is here fucking it up for everyone, and censoring people on Steemit...but that's just Steemit. And do we know that he's going to be here forever? Might he just fuck this place up a bit, then sell it on when he realizes he's tanking his investment? Maybe then we'll have community development up on the new chain, and we can add some cool new features back to Steem.

Maybe it will be kinda like Bitcoin and Litecoin...or any of the fuckton of other forks in crypto.

Crypto forks. It happens. Then development happens...or it doesn't happen...and prices change...and time goes on...and the next thing you know, people don't even remember why it happened, and you just got two different chains that are both pretty damn fricken cool.

Steem may just weather this storm.

It feels shitty right now to be posting to a chain that's being fucked over by the centralization Steemit fucked us with, but it also kinda feels like the only way I'm gonna get an alright payout. Despite bunches of people leaving for the new chain, there not being a lot of tools there yet mean I don't get much of any votes there. So I get less here, and almost none there.

Not that I necessarily deserve to be paid that well for my shitty opinion.

Guess I better get on that fiction writing I planned to do.

Maybe I'll finally write the zombie Easter story I wanted to write last year and never got around to.

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Cross posted from Steem


Yeah atm it's a bit weird with both chains. I need a bit more time to look over my autovotes and which app is working for hive and steem.
I don't post because of my lack of time but throw out some votes. But it's a little complicated with 2 chains and I still don't really know what I should do with Steem.

Yeah, pretty much the same with me.

I wonder with Steem if there's not maybe still hope for it in the future...but I don't know how long in the future. Maybe years. Maybe not long from now.

For now, I feel a bit divided between the two chains, but I feel like I want to be a bit more invested in Hive.

Personally I feel like I've been getting pretty high rewards here compared to Steem, but maybe it's just confirmation bias. Probably not in dollar equivalents, but in raw number of tokens.

I'm ecstatic to earn 20 cents worth on a post personally, but I set the bar basically at the bottom.

I will tell you that I myself am a bit discouraged from voting on cross posts from Steem, but I can't speak for anyone else.

You're probably a better programmer than me and seem to have more experience. Why not both complain and work to port over your favorite utilities?

SteemWorld is my favorite...which is massive and would be a nightmare to reproduce. Not sure if it's even open source.

Was thinking it might be cool to some some type of game here. Nothing like a good game to bring the peeps.