Darthknight = blocktrades = alpha = ... so on.

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I wrote yesterday regarding @darthknight's hive article: Re: Darthknight

If he really wanted to find a quick solution, he would have contacted jayplayco immediately, as lots of users (including myself) suggested.

As far as I know, no response at all. Weird, isn't it?

So in the meantime, I tried to collect some info, and found surprising facts that I will share with you here.

For a quick summary.

The main logic who supported darthknight was like this:

  1. darthknight (probably) made a mistake in setting powerdown(withdrawal) route (to bittrix).

  2. bittrix is an old account, allegedly a scam/phishing account that aims for typos.

and as I wrote in the previous article, one needs to confirm two things to proceed:

  1. darthknight himself should declare that it was his mistake and he did not mean to send it to bittrix.

  2. it needs to be confirmed that bittrix is not owned by the owner of darthknight (in other words, "alt")

1. Who is @kevtorin, to whom darthknight initially set power down route?

Let's start from the very action - powerdown route setting.

He changed the beneficiary from kevtorin to bittrix.

Wait, what? @kevtorin? what is this account?

Given that he initially set the route to kevtorin, it is natural to assume that kevtorin is his alt, or at least it is a very close user who shares the account.

and steemd result clearly shows that kevtorin is one the very old accounts who participated in "ninja-mining" (pow) from March 2016, more than 4 years ago.

But as darthknight said in his posting Hello Steem!! 2 months ago, he is a newcomer (the posting starts with "I am new here").

How can they know each other, if we take what darthknight said as face value?

  • kevtorin has not written any post/comments, so it is impossible that they knew each other through posting/comments.

2. kevtorin, alpha, blocktrades share the same poloniex memo

kevtorin has sent steem to poloniex several times, with wallet address(memo) 6f9cf0a77c0e5207. For example,

Let's use https://steemworld.org/transfer-search to find out who else uses this (if you haven not used it before, just click the link, put 6f9cf0a77c0e5207 on memo, and click search)

Most recent transactions are from alpha and blocktrades to poloniex.

What? Are they sharing the wallet?

3. Binance memo shows even more alts of blocktrades

okay, let's see which wallet, or memo, darthknight uses. In fact, he sent Steem to Binance (deepcrypto8) right before making the power down route change.

So who uses 101130147 memo?

Blocktrades, alpha, ashleigh, cleta, anastacia, etc. A lot.

So who are these accounts?

Again, thanks to the help of wonderful tool steemworld.org (thank you @steemchiller!), you can find them easily what blocktrades did.

hm, so blocktrades initially set the powerdown route to alpha, anastacia, ashleigh, and cleta, and changed to bittrex.

(1) They are sharing the same exchange wallet address(memo)

(2) They share the withdrawal route.

Do we need any more evidence to conclude that these are owned by the same person(or entity)?

  • If you need more, for instance, alpha is owned by blocktrades for sure (see the memo "owed payment to blocktrades")

  • Oh, and by the way, blocktrades set withdraw route at 4/4 15:04, and darthknight did the same thing at 4/4 15:09. 5 minutes difference... would it be a mere coincidence?


4. Darthknight is an alt of blocktrades

Sharing the same exchange wallet, and sharing the withdrawal routes.

Do you need any more evidence?

Blocktrades owns darthknight, alpha, anastacia, ashleigh, cleta, kevtorin, and so on.

Darthknight(blocktrades) blatantly lied from the very beginning, pretending as if he is a "newcomer". Disgusting.

5. Now I would not be surprised even if bittrix is another alt of blocktrades

Given that darthknight is a liar from the start, now we need to revisit his other claims.

Think about it. If you are really a new investor who powered up lots of STEEM and about to change the withdrawal path, wouldn't you double/triple check?

Was it a real "mistake"?

Or was it intended? I mean, isn't it possible that blocktrades also owns this account called bittrix and pretends as if he made a mistake?

6. Conclusion, and thank you for @belgianchocolate and @steemchiller

Darthknight is an alt of blocktrades, and he lied.

There is no proof that bittrix is not an alt of blocktrades.

Thus, I have no interest in helping this liar from now on, especially given that it is caused from his own "mistake".

  • @belgianchocolate: I really appreciate for sharing the information that initiated this search. As I wrote as a reply, I set you as 90% beneficiary for this post.

  • @steemchiller: without your extremely useful tool, steemworld.org, I would not have done this search. I set you as 10% beneficiary for this post to thank you.


Doesn't matter who the fuck it is, doesn't give you the right to steal his/her Steem.

Doesn't matter if he lied or not, doesn't give you the right to steal his/her Steem.

Have you heard the term innocent until proven guilty? There is nothing much to see here. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

I have some thoughts on your evidence:

  • blocktrades was communicating with darthknight and offering assistance
  • darthknight trusts blocktrades
  • this only points to the fact that they are teaming up and helping eachother solve a problem
  • blocktrades owns an exchange so it makes sense that he is routing and telling others to route to accounts tied to his exchange

I'm curious to ask are you just trying to spread doubt? I understand you are mistrustful of them. They are probably mistrustful of you. Such speculations and accusation does not help to built trust.

I wonder who participated in this debate without knowing who owns blocktrades.

I'm more curious as to what is the point of this debate? If they are wrong they are being mean. If they are right they are being slightly less mean.

To keep Ninja mined Steem off Hive

I tried to stay away from this all stuff as long as possible but I just can't.

@glory7 I know you mostly from Splinterlands game and I respect you as a great player but I still can't understand your actions on Steem. Isn't freezing Steem accounts a theft?

What is the reason for freezing Steem accounts? Why do you support HF that is doing it?

  • Would you support freezing bittrex / binance exchange account as you support freezing blocktrades exchange account? It can result in delisting STEEM from all exchanges.
  • Would you support freezing steemmonsters / splinterlands (dapp) account as you supported freezing steempress dapp account?
  • Would you support freezing Yabampatt / Aggroed account (former witnesses) as you supported freezing roelandp / gtg former witnesses accounts?

Have your witness support this HF because you truly believe freezing accounts is the best thing to do or you are just afraid of losing JS votes (what happened to blockbrothers, dlike, dtube).

I hope Splinterlands will move away from Steem as fast as possible because right now Steem is not secure, it's controlled by one person. It could move to Hive, WAX, own blockchain, whatever, everything is better than Steem at this point.

PS I still don't understand what's the difference if darthknight belongs to blocktrades, is connected with blocktrades or not. There is no real proof, only speculation. But it doesn't matter anyway! The point is darthknight account is frozen by witnesses. Would you like to have all your Splinterlands cards frozen?

PS2 The memo alone is not the best indicator. blocktrades account is exchange so it makes a lot more transfers than normal users. And blocktrades shares the same memo with at least 67* groups of people: https://hackmd.io/cRKHn_SlS9e5zMLiwu88Fw
Someone can say that blocktrades = bittrex = rudex = poloniex = changelly = binance-hot

doesnt justify theft. I was against freezing Steemit's ninja stake on the steem blockchain and I am against freezing @Blocktrade's.

Do you know who owns blocktrades?

No but I know Justin owns your ass.

Justin owns me?

@Blocktrades has been super helpful in communicating with me and others in public comments in past. Clear communicator. Delivers on promises. Offers the same services to everyone. That's a great track record.

I can't say the same for any of the current witnesses on Steem.

As soon as @blocktrades announced Steem to Hive trading pairs had to be halted because something fishy was going on with the latest Steem softfork, I started noticing posts like this. He stated the softfork details have not been fully disclosed this time, even though they were always shared in full in the past.

The steem witnesses freezed his account, among others. For all we know, they have done far more nefarious damage by making @blocktrades look like he is conducting suspicious transactions. It doesn't add up.

How can we trust the security of any transaction on steem without knowing the actual instructions the blockchain is currently operating on?

Do you know who owns blocktrades?

No. I am an anonymous account too. It takes a lot of time to build up a brand people can trust.

Everyone knows the Dark Knight is Batman!

+++ Breakings News: Hive/Steem users are using multiple accounts! +++

이글도 esteem에서 1일 홍보 했습니다.

Your logic to justify freezing people's non-ninja mined stake made me go savage!

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Steem and Hive are the ultimate Soap Operas. There's not a single day without drama and lots of screams and arguments. 🙃

Do you know who owns blocktrades?

Dan Notestein

Darthknight blatantly lied...

Do you dare say that, keeping a straight face, as a witness who stated they would never support freezing of accounts/stake? Aren't you making yourself look more and more like a hypocrite with every further post you publish about the topic?

Or do you value false propaganda over self-respect?