About soft fork 0.22.888 applied on the STEEM blockchain

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Currently most of the top20 witnesses on STEEM switching over to a new soft fork 0.22.888 (github).
This soft fork activates its changes on Sat, 4 April 2020 14:00:00 UTC (10:00:00 ET).


This so called 'Steem Protection Fork' is just a minor code change that prevents the following operations:

  • account_witness_proxy_operation
  • account_witness_vote_operation
  • update_proposal_votes_operation
  • vote_operation
  • withdraw_vesting_operation
  • set_withdraw_vesting_route_operation
  • transfer_operation
  • limit_order_create_operation
  • limit_order_create2_operation
  • transfer_to_vesting_operation
  • transfer_to_savings_operation
  • escrow_transfer_operation

from being sign when broadcasting from a targeted account on all witness nodes that are running 0.22.888.

The following accounts are being targeted:

  • "freedom",
  • "pumpkin",
  • "blocktrades",
  • "gtg",
  • "good-karma",
  • "roelandp",
  • "steempress",
  • "darthknight",
  • "cleta",
  • "ashleigh",
  • "anastacia"

all other steem accounts will not be effected.

This soft fork does not modify any already signed operations or balances.
All accounts that are not on this list can broadcast any operation on the list.

As I said, as long there is at least two top20 witness running a steem version below 0.22.888, there is a chance to broadcast one of these operations from the targeted accounts.
Broadcasting the operation has to repeated until it is handled by a witness running 0.22.5 or below.

It's seems the best solution for all targeted accounts to change the withdraw route to an untarged account as described here:
Sat, 4 April 2020 14:00:00 UTC (10:00:00 ET).
The powered down steem are then send to the specified account which is still able to transfer without problems.

This Soft-Fork is a first warning shot and it shows what the new Steem Witnesse are ready for.


The Following are quotes from two posts by @justinsunsteemit:

We're requesting that Steem power holders tell us "We won't support witnesses that freeze funds now that more understanding has been reached."


Are you willing to believe the sanctity of private property or do you just want to take innocent people’s hard earned money under toxic “consensus”?

Are you willing to protect the rights of the community members or do you just want to hurt and destroy those you disagree with?

Are you willing to increase STEEM token value that benefits the whole community or do you only care about your own interest and don’t give a fuck about the real community?

Are you willing to welcome new investors in the future and include everyone into our community or do you just want to fuck those new investors, freeze their investment and kick them out?

Are you willing to always stick to the truth or will you just spread rumors to generate misunderstandings in the community and poison our community culture?

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I believe soft fork 22.888 directly contradicts these principles espoused by Justin Sun as owner of Tron and Steemit.

You left out the part that says Do you like Justin or do you just want to fuck him.

Oh, that's not really related to this issue because it has nothing to do with protecting the chain or private property.

I know just think it was funny. That guy is a jackass.

Just pathetic, no way Justin Sun/Tron can survive this fiasco. Will destroy Tron's rep as well.

From the "We Need Your Help to Protect Steem" mentions that the asset freezing will be applied to:

Accounts that proxied or directly voted to more than 10 witnesses running the version 0.23 on the Steem Blockchain during the hardfork with high influence.

@holger80 your post makes it seem like only 11 accounts are targeted based on the softfork 0.22.888 code. So how about general users who voted for community witnesses? Are there accounts frozen yet?

Only the listed accounts have been targeted, the soft fork has no effect on the general user.

Good to know. But given the stated intent we have to expect the breadth of the blacklist to expand. I imagine they're trying to stop anyone who is looking to dump their Steem, which should be just about any real user at this point that isn't a Sun-puppet.

Sorry I temporary unvoted your witness because of this post...


did I miss something?

steem-ua does not work anymore when the top20 witnesses are selected by the steemit stake. UA was calculated using the witnesses as trusted accounts. This does not work on steem anymore, so there is no reason to continue this on steem.

I'm active on HIVE and continuing my work for it. I'm already releasing several new versions of beem, my python library. As you can read in my post:
I needed a long-time out to recover, but now I'm back on HIVE.

Does i get it right ? Steemit is now doing the same as the witnesses bevor and freezing the Assets of these People ?

Officially there is no connection to steemit (new github repo and new account to announce this).
As this is a soft fork, the assets are not really frozen (this is only possible with a hard fork which receive consensus), but broadcasting operation that move the assets is only possible when a witness with <= 0.22.5 is signing the operation on all targeted accounts.

Sun's sockpuppet accounts are supporting this though, and unvoting the witnesses who aren't upgrading.

How is it the same? These are random people and investors that are getting frozen along with 1 dapp account. The reasoning is: "We dont like you so we will freeze you."
Before it was the developer fund that got frozen.

I mean with the same that these accounts get frozen not that the reason or something is the same.

that's how it does look like. Justing is using same tools which were used against him

It appears they just took the same code that was used against them and changed the list of blacklist users to their own preference. Sad, pathetic, comical turn of events.

Steem is dead what a bunch of fuckin idiots excuse my french.

@tipu curate

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

It is really a very bad situation for steem users and I am worried about that.

i fully understand your concern buddy

This is getting really stupid and is just showing more and more than Justin Sun is a big clown.

Decentralization = nowhere.

how would they be able to sell their steem over blocktrades or exchanges if there is not "transfer" operation... their funds are basically frozen!

This is why leaving steem was an unethical move. It allowed Justin to do all he wants while achieving appearance of public support in his actions. The hive departure essentially left all steem users and all funds still locked into steem to the whim of a immoral dictator.

I don't understand any thing of this

As others have noted, it is pretty amusing to see the operation which started this whole mess on the Steem blockchain being turned around and used against the original implementers. Is it a good idea? Is it a reasonable idea?

Oh God no.

Was it an inevitable consequence?

I have often said, "don't forge a weapon that you never want used against you – because it will be." This is just a straightforward manifestation of that statement.

Expect to see more of this on both sides now that it has been rolled out to the battlefield. Along with constant reassurances that "it's only targeting the bad people; you're absolutely safe." But the list of "bad people" will continuously increase in the number of things that "bad people" just can't do will likewise continuously increase.

All a procedural inevitability.

Could you elaborate a bit further on this? Why do these witnesses want to prevent certain accounts from doing operations? Are these witnesses pro/against Justin Sun?

I like blocktrades for trading hive<->steem, in both directions. Why would someone want to prevent their service?