Calculate the amount of seized assets in STEEM HF 23

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Here is a small script for calculating the total sum of all seized assets in the Steem HF 23 (accounts are copied from github that will be activated on 20 May 2020 14:00:00 UTC.

You can read more about this here.

from beem import Steem
from beem.account import Account

if __name__ == "__main__":

    stm = Steem(node="")
    accounts = {

    null = Account("null", blockchain_instance=stm)
    seized_assets = null.balances
    for account_name in accounts:
        account = Account(account_name, blockchain_instance=stm)
        for asset_type in ['available', 'savings', 'rewards', 'total']:
            for index in range(len(seized_assets[asset_type])):
                seized_assets[asset_type][index] += account.balances[asset_type][index]
    USD_STEEM = 0.212018
    USD_SBD = 1.05
    print("Seized assets:")
    print("| asset type | Token | USD value")
    print("| --- | --- | --- |")
    print("| STEEM | %.3f STEEM | %.2f $ |" % (float(seized_assets["available"][0]), float(seized_assets["available"][0]) * USD_STEEM))
    print("| SBD | %.3f SBD | %.2f $ |" % (float(seized_assets["available"][1]), float(seized_assets["available"][1])* USD_SBD))
    print("| STEEM POWER | %.3f STEEM | %.2f $ |" % (stm.vests_to_sp(float(seized_assets["available"][2])), stm.vests_to_sp(float(seized_assets["available"][2])) * USD_STEEM))
    print("| STEEM in savings | %.3f STEEM | %.2f $ |" % (float(seized_assets["savings"][0]), float(seized_assets["savings"][0]) * USD_STEEM))
    print("| SBD in savings | %.3f SBD | %.2f $ |" % (float(seized_assets["savings"][1]), float(seized_assets["savings"][1])* USD_SBD))
    print("| Pending STEEM | %.3f STEEM | %.2f $ |" % (float(seized_assets["rewards"][0]), float(seized_assets["rewards"][0]) * USD_STEEM))
    print("| Pending SBD | %.3f SBD | %.2f $ |" % (float(seized_assets["rewards"][1]), float(seized_assets["rewards"][1])* USD_SBD))
    print("| Pending STEEM POWER | %.3f STEEM | %.2f $ |" % (stm.vests_to_sp(float(seized_assets["rewards"][2])), stm.vests_to_sp(float(seized_assets["rewards"][2])) * USD_STEEM))
    print("| Total STEEM | %.3f STEEM | %.2f $ |" % (float(seized_assets["total"][0]), float(seized_assets["total"][0]) * USD_STEEM))
    print("| Total SBD | %.3f SBD | %.2f $ |" % (float(seized_assets["total"][1]), float(seized_assets["total"][1])* USD_SBD))
    print("| Total STEEM POWER | %.3f STEEM | %.2f $ |" % (stm.vests_to_sp(float(seized_assets["total"][2])), stm.vests_to_sp(float(seized_assets["total"][2])) * USD_STEEM))

    total_sum_usd = float(seized_assets["total"][0]) * USD_STEEM
    total_sum_usd += float(seized_assets["total"][1]) * USD_SBD
    total_sum_usd += stm.vests_to_sp(float(seized_assets["total"][2])) * USD_STEEM
    print("Total sum in USD: %.2f $ " % total_sum_usd)

The results are:

asset typeTokenUSD value
STEEM1454787.735 STEEM308441.19 $
SBD738.021 SBD774.92 $
STEEM POWER22235913.287 STEEM4714413.86 $
STEEM in savings0.099 STEEM0.02 $
SBD in savings26.283 SBD27.60 $
Pending STEEM15.532 STEEM3.29 $
Pending SBD362.621 SBD380.75 $
Pending STEEM POWER13486.216 STEEM2859.32 $
asset typeTokenUSD value
Total STEEM1454803.366 STEEM308444.50 $
Total SBD1126.925 SBD1183.27 $
Total STEEM POWER22249399.503 STEEM4717273.18 $

This means that in total Steem assets worth 5026900.96 $ will be seized on 20 May 2020 14:00:00 UTC and moved to
(When the Steem HF is applied by the majority of Steem witnesses).


That's crazy, alot of these accounts are people I consider supporters of my work. I will be calling out Justin on this on dlive to thousands of people live on his own platform as I am growing quickly on there.

I will be calling out Justin on this on dlive to thousands of people live on his own platform

Have you noticed that China/CCP have been busy buying up the West before the USD collapses?

I love that you're doing this, without people like you, actions go unnoticed.

Who, or what is @community321? What is their statement on this action?

This account was created anonymously using anonsteem. Nobody knows who has control about it.

Figured I would share this here, its the closest thing I could find to an official statement from the steemit witnesses about the hardfork. You could be excused for not seeing it because its on an account that has 21 followers and 8 steempower and declined payout.

The list includes an account used by an exchange: blocktrades.

I would highlight this in communications with exchanges. Most exchanges use the technique where transferring STEEM to a steemit account held by the exchange puts crypto on the exchange.

The willingness of Justin Sun to seize the assets of accounts used by exchanges should raise the eyebrow of anyone running an exchange. Clearly this shows Sun's willingness to hold the assets of exchanges hostage when he wants to force his way.

Great work. I was just thinking about calculating this.

This is just insane. It seems like a bad joke.

A mess everywhere...

This is incredible. Justin Sun is such a scammer. That must never be forgotten

And people thought that @ned was bad.... wow!

Is this the twilight zone... how does JS have any credibility? Looking forward to the class action lawsuits. !popcorn

Ignoring the fact that this is just plan wrong to steal people’s property, they are doing this all wrong. By burning these coins, they are deciding to reduce their market cap by ~6% for no real purpose. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

Who said anything about burning? That goes to a privately owned account.

And account doesn't have null keys, nor do I see it in the code to change it to null keys. So 1 bad actor can take all the money and run.

Who would have guessed?

I can't confirm nor deny that I had any involvement in that.

After this move, wouldn't the exchanges delist them?

They should... if they understand what's happening.

Yeah, they likely don't. Perhaps Bittrex will.

Maybe bittrix will de-list (lol sorry Darth, for your unfortunate typo!)

Ohhhhhhh. I just realized that.


Wow. Just wow. Sad day.

Do you mean that these people can/could not get to their steemwallets anymore ?

It means that all assets of the listed account are moved to @community321. After HF23, the wallet will be empty for them...

We should show this to the world that who is a scammer.

the only good thing that I see coming out of this is that Hive in turn becomes more decentralized as whales can't double their stake... But this is completely illegitimate and I hope that everyone effected by this will sue Sun's ass...

$27.62 in Savings. I always wondered what the point of Savings on Steem was!

Ironously protection against thief when the active key was leaked.

Lol when someone stole the owner key to the chain.

Goes to bank
I'd like to access my funds, thank you.
look of confusion
Sorry, your funds have been deposited into the CEO's 'friends' account. You have nothing to withdrawl.
By who's authority?!
He cast a vote. 17 of his 20 other accounts voted for the transfer.
anger intensifies
That is theft!
smugness intensifies
No, that is centralised consensus!

files complaint
Sorry, it appears you no longer have an account at this establishment. The complaint cannot be filed.

lol wouldn't that be salt in the wound to disable the accounts completely as well?

Wondering, if ever we get back the lost Steem ??

Good question, the assets are moved to @community321, a newly created account, which is controlled by one or more persons.

So does not matter what it is a home case and for our good interest we must forget that

This all seems to me to just be an angry man-child stomping his feet screaming NO NO NO NO!!11. I have a little solace, that the people who he's doing this do can start a class action lawsuit but knowing how shitty and corrupt courts and stuff are, I unfortunately think it may not lead anywhere. I would love to be wrong about that though!

I just watched , @gtg, @therealwolf and others also run HF 23. Wouldn’t it be bad for a lawsuit, if you support the HF yourself? or is this the Hive version of HF 23?

When they upgraded, they used their Steem nodes, therefore displaying Hive (0.23.0) as their version number. They do not support "New Steem" 0.23.0

HF23, the original one, was one where Hive was born. We are running v0.23.0 so my node on Steem was just saying - this guy is running a Hive node.
To avoid confusion I generated block on obsolete, broken and centralized Steem network with v0.22.1 version to avoid confusion.

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Thank you for making a detailed account of their proposed crime. This may come in very handy for compensation lawsuits.

Ah, there's that community spirit again we've come to know and love from the man of the Chinese communist party people. Such a delight he is - always raising smiles and talking absolute sense.

Is this on purpose?

This is a very bad move. Like invest at North Korea :D It's time to start powering down process at STEEM chain.



The Hive Witnesses moved the Hive Token in 300 wallets to the @steem.dao account.

On the next episode of Steemy Idiots...


The story goes on and on ... Where you is your HF 23.1 script ;-)