Steem Is Almost at All time High 3$ - Steem Dollars at 14 $ :)))

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Steem is keeping getting high at a very good rate almost reaching the all time high of 4.34 $

Steem Currently at 3$

Steem Dollars are Going High like CRAZY as well at all time high of 14$

I Have no idea what is driving the price high.

What do you think is driving the demand for steem dollars.

There is definitely something going on over here.

Steem Dollar Value should be pegged to the US $ to ratio 1:1

So, the only explanation of the increase of the SBD price is that people is buying steem dollars for some reason.

Why do you think People are buying steem dollars??

Any Comments and thoughts are highly appreciated :))

Happy Steeming :))))


great news i think

Menawar yabo el dood :)

We heard about pumping sbd to attract new users. Sbd is a lot easier to pump because there is less supply of it. High sbd price encourages holders to buy more steem with sbd. It's a good way to make steem grow, to bring new users and to have new big hodlers. After steemfest meeting in Lisabon everything went up.

Makes A lot of sense. Definitely pumping SBD. The q uestion is ; what is the future of Steem Dollars? It is not a sustainable strategy.

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True :)
Thanks !

As a minnow I now feel quite terrible that I didn't realize that STEEM and SBD have separate values as currencies :(.
So, just to clarify: If SBD is at $14 and STEEM at $3, is there any reason to convert Steem Dollars into Steem?

There is a lot to learn always since steemit is evolving everyday :)
Steem dollars is supposed to be one dollar but for some reason its around 10 dollars (which is good for authors :D)
Check @luckysteem comment
The author basically gets 50% of the dollar amount you see under the posts in steem dollars. And the other 50% is split between the author and the other curators in steem power.

I think it is better to covert steem dollars to other crypto currencies at the moment. Free investment :)

Thanks for the explanation. Read @luckysteem's comment as well. Kinda makes me a bit more confused, because like you've said, it's not a sustainable strategy. Unless Steem is somehow better the SBD, there would be no reason to buy more Steem. Guessing the power of Steem is you can convert is to Steem Power?

Exactly! Thats why i belive that steem dollars will get back to around one dollar. Unless there is another pump :)
Lets hope it stays up for a while!

Cash out.. cash out... lol. Just kidding. I guess the strategy is not that hard. Convert to other currency when the price is high, hold on to it when it nears $1. Let's hope it stays up indeed!

@hossary, as a minnow I have to ask. Why don't you post more about 3D printing on Steemit?

Actually that is a very good Question, I'll probably post more about 3D printing.

The thing is I barely have time to post on Steemit and not everybody enjoy 3D printing posts.

There are good news coming up regarding 3D prinited assistive devices . Maybe i will write a post or two about current projects.

Thanks for the heads up :)

well a good news send by you i like it

Thanks you :)

Some new users maybe thinking of SBD as steem or the real issue would come out soon .I am indeed loving the hike of Steem and SBD ,It has definitely attracted some attention as for the rise of the price.
I do really hope Steem keeps this trend for some long period!

I am definitely loving it as well :)
It seems that it will be up for a while !!

Let's sure hope so :)

@hossary this is awesome !!!! Best wishes, - @splendorhub

Happy Steeming :)
You got yourself a new follower ;)

Thank you. You too!....Steem on :D

@hossary i need your support


the question is : is it a good or bad signal

No Idea, I am Really Confused. Its Good if it is natural demand. Bad If it is manipulation :)

people buying steem because it will rise too ... just my opinion .... and its possible steem will hit $10 or more !

I hope so :)

yeah.. it will because i believe hahah !!! i feel more than 10$

i m holding steem because it will go rise

Its looking solid :) thats a great idea.

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Sir.many many thanks for sharing this news.

You are most welcome :)

Dear friends,What is this news really?

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