Steemit, Inc. Nuked Me

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This is the second time they nuked my account. The first time, I politely asked Eli to reinstate my account and they did. But this time, I'm not going to bother looking into it.

The first time, I think I was caught up in the mass bans. But this time I can only assume it was either one of these comments:



Just goes to show, if you want to use Steem, you have to keep your head down ... or else your account will get nuked.


Not a great look for them.

They couldn't care less, they have demonstrated that over the past period.

OMG you are right, this is exactly what I was just telling @mysearchisover about my fear of using steemit. I bet if i posted about this there they would nuke me too, what a shame!!


It has a chilling effect. Worse, they're defending it as a violation of their TOS:

OMG she has your same little type of sun logo too next to her profile too, talk about adding insult to injury, lol

I don't think it's the same "sun."

Is Eli still working there?

Probably. But the time I requested that my account be reinstated was July, 2020.

So much for elevators

Just goes to show, if you want to use Steem, you have to keep your head down ... or else your account will get nuked.

Do you think it can't happen on here?

Well in theory, sure. But at least we have more front-ends to help mitigate the damage. Steem has been losing front-ends. And I was just poking around Steem to engage with the folks who would know, so see what kind of innovation they were working on.

Specifically, I was going down the list of top witnesses and seeing if there was anyone who would defend the platform. Instead of engaging, they just blocked my account. If I did that on Hive, I am certain I would get engagement and never even considered blocking my account.

How can I be a threat to Steem by just mentioning Hive? It's weird.

But honestly, if I were to talk favorably about Steem, for some reason, or some other competing blockchain, I have very little to worry about on Hive. I am not aware of anyone going after people on Hive for that sin, as they do on

Well, if it's gonna happen - this account will probably be it ! lolol

Well, I think they just wanna keep the innovation a secret and doesn't wanna spend time talking about it... It's classified 😂 @inertia

That must be it.


Well, if there's one thing that hive proves, it's that if censorship comes, this group can and will fork and take most of the relevance with it.

No offense but you went to steem to try to take Dev's.

I mean you kinda ask for it. What would hive do if steem people came to take devs 🤔

we cannot do anything, because it's designed that way

I would be very interested in discussing the merits of the two platforms. If someone wants to unironically highlight the benefits of steem on hive, I'd welcome the discussion.

forget posting, liking, curation, commenting. just buy and sell steam. thats the only benifit I see there.

the same we have here except with the totalitarians at the mercy of decentralized governance. oh and freedom of speech.

Maybe you could reword that so I could understand what you're getting at.

I can't understand it for you.

want a truly shadow ban free front end is it. we use others like ecency, peakD etc because those front ends block the BS (spammers, abusers, etc) but its all on the block chain regardless. I post mainly directly to my blog and try to stay away from posting in communities because of my views on life are very contradictory to peoples weak egos. I haven't even really begun on fully expressing my views yet. I am still testing around. so far the communities I see worth while are not filled in completely yet, like FBA's community, freedom of speech, possibly PoB and my community of one and go fuck everything else aka directly to my blog. Once I get a loyal following for my quirkiness I'll just post directly to my blog. Sure I'll still comment around everywhere, and curate if I have the chance. but curation is not my goal here. its not the reason I came to steem for the 4th time. 4 times because each time I had my keys get lost or destroyed by pendejo cops destroying my property. oh well. didn't have anything accumulated then anyways. this account is the most I have used. I have one more I use to trade ONLY. I don't make comments, I don't hit like. I just swing and trend trade. something I am still learning to do.

I have been given the option by a lovely family member to make me orca level but I refused. I wanted to do this on my own through my own efforts from scratch. to prove that any idiot like me can "make it"...

sorry for steering off course... where was we? rewarding what exactly? what does rewarding have to do?

ahhh.... re Word ing.... I read all wrong...

I meant that the only beneficial thing steem has in my own eyes at its current state is to just trade and nothing else. blog why when we have hive under the Queen's rule (if she exists). We provide the Royal honey where it is needed. (its needed at every claim but damn... to quote ancient narrative "there is nothing new under the sun")

Here on hive we got freedom. so long as we choose to keep it.

we can go back to steem and retake it but why?

And after that steem still have the audacity to be more expensive than hive. It seems people like it when they are commanded by a harsh leader.

It's almost like they're speculating on future development.

Welcome (back) to the club!


Thanks, I changed my cover image to something more helpful.

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Although my entry has not yet been blocked, the threat of being blocked due to the fact that someone has problems with freedom of speech, finally convinced me to always say goodbye to STEEM.


Link to vote for @cranium as a witness

You know what, when I went looking back at my history of posts there, i found out that steemit nuked a whole bunch of my posts, mainly everything having to do with coinbase scamming me, among some other posts that I don’t want to mention again here. The went with a fine tooth comb and just got rid of whatever they wanted.

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Thx for documenting censorship on Steem/Steemit, Steemit has really become a joke since the hostile takeover by Tron.

Yes really well.

I have not Steemit account and now I see that it is good due to such posts :)

This is top of the list of reasons why I liked Steem in the first place, the resistance to arbitrary censorship by centralized authorities. Without this quality, it became useless to me. As soon as Sun started deleting posts I bailed and started powering down. I would have done this even if Hive weren't available to replace it. The whole Steem blockchain now is a shell game as far as I'm concerned. If people can make some money off of Sun's scam, that's no skin off my back, but I personally wouldn't touch it with a hundred foot pole. Hive is the true successor to the original Steem, and Steem continues in name only. It's a fraud and an insult to the original vision.

It is a shame we don't have the freedom to express ourselves on all platforms. It seems our governmental tyranny parallels this. The suppression on Steem is a symptom to a larger problem.

May the day comes when Hive permanently is worth more than Steem is when Hive blossoms into the social platform it deserves to be. On the flip side you can have more time focus on your Hive Blog and curate others' content to make the platform even better.

Steemit front page is filled Korean and Chinese posts lead by massive whales. They don't even try to hide it as only a handful of individuals collecting a majority of the Steem rewards. Just disgusting.

I often wonder if people like Justin Sun actually get what individual freedom is and the extent to which most of the crypto community puts a premium on it.

Fuck Steem, I'm glad that when I came back I've discovered Hive so fast, now I'm powering down the SP left and converting them to HP :)

thats not a good news tho

Well censorship at its finest!


I have basically nothing left in STEEM anymore. I am glad I left that mess behind, although I still hope the system can somehow be restored to security and community. But despite that hope, I am all in on HIVE for now, because I also see how it is now.