Coinbase is looking for the next coin to add to it's exchange, Please Fill this form for Steem

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Coinbase CEO is taking a survey of what coin to add next to the their exchange:

Follow the link above to the form and fill it as in the image below and submit: ( do it once )

Thank You

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I'd write it in as Steem because that means the Steem network, which includes both STEEM and SBD tokens.

I have resteemed and translated this to spanish and other languages in one post!
greath news! thanks and sory I hope it's ok nice one!

I'll give you a share or do something interesting and give you a share anyway :P

Great post. IMO people who are predicting the winner of the poll are missing the point. We want Steem to win regardless of the metrics they are using and if Steem receives enough write ins, maybe they'll consider it. At least they'll be more aware of our presence and be more open to adding us in the future. This is about making our voice heard in the crypto-community, not winning a poll.

Wow, I've come here from the chain of two other posts.
I'm sure that anyone who post about this (the same topic just in different words) will get some rewards, but I won't do it. I resteem your post instead, you deserve the most rewards of this as the first poster. I also UV it, obv.

I think everyone who believe in Steem and has a Google account should vote for Steem. The more exchange the better, it's not a question.
You don't believe that Steem could win? No problem. Even, if it doesn't win, there is a PR opportunity. If Coinbase share the full results (it would be awesome), Steem could show that it get votes while it isn't even on the list and you have to type it!
That is a strong support anyway.

well said , I think voting shows a lot and the more exposure the better , if the community and the developers can handle it :) ./

Hi , would you mind taking a look at my second on Steemit , I'm trying but maybe I'm missing some parts and people reading it would be very helpful to see what works and what doesn't , but be careful I went 6 hours past midnight reading posts , also doing shameless promotions like this :D , there is always something funny to save you from danger :D . Like in the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy , when the lead characters got catapulted in space , only to be rescued by a passing ship in basically ultra warps speed.

will be litecoin or dash, as they are already fully developed

steem is not ready for this, has to come out of beta first

All cryptocurrencies are in beta. A fully developed coin is a dead coin.

coinbase earns money from trade volume, there is no demand for steem to justify adding it, monero has demand

If he was looking for volume, he would not make a survey would he?
They are looking for the most interactive community, I think Steem wins hands down. Unless you think otherwise! Coinbase is planning to become a major altcoin exchange in 2017, if we do not win the first round, we will have other opportunities, but if we do not try we will not know.

looking at that list, it wont be steem, at least 2 of those coins would be added before steem, there is no demand to buy steem, even zcash has more demand than steem, and zcash has a more respected group of investors and developers, steem is like a ghetto coin right now, it will rise out of that eventually with more distribution, there is not even a road-map for steem yet

BTC doesn't have a roadmap and does just fine even though the thing is archaic slow and expensive compared to steem.

and zcash has a more respected group of investors and developers
steem is like a ghetto coin right now

Seriously? you do not find these statements offensive?
assuming this is what you truly believe why would you bring yourself and your family to Steemit? I have nothing against zec or zec developers, I also think you really have no idea about graphene or the tech behind steemit. So will let you take your time and read about it.

Guys , dont bash on the guy , why are you offended for your beliefs , not anyone has to share them :_) , I do love Steem , but the objective fact of the matter could be like he stated it , Investors won't care about bloging cryptocurrency and the like, they would care about returns on their investment, at least that would be logical in my mind. It's a controversial statement sure , but why get offended :D , get your ends together

I am aware that chainbase and steem has better technology, but coinbase earns money selling cryptocurrency, and zcash or monero has all the demand. Steem has about 6 more months of distribution and development before being ready for coinbase

so we at least need to show coinbase, that in next survey we should be on the first place on that list.

I think you are wrong. It will most likely be Monero that wins this poll.

This does not mean that one should find an excuse to be lazy and not spend 30 seconds voting for STEEM.

In spite of the knowledge that STEEM will not be selected this time around, you can rest assured that if enough people vote for STEEM, then when the next vote comes around, they will not have to select 'other' in order to vote for it again, for it shall be included within the list by name.

Now is a chance for STEEM to gain some recognition, and for the many who love this currency to demonstrate their numbers and their passion for it.

I would suggest that you, @craig-rant, worry not about whether STEEM will win the poll, but get your arse over there and vote just the same, to increase STEEM's chances of winning the next poll.

I, Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell, have cast my vote for ....


I agree @eddard as this thought also occurred to me. Write in STEEM today to get Steem on the Ballott tomorrow.

Exactly. Just go and vote, winning is not the point here!!!

Dear Lord,

Hi Lord Eddard Stark , I'm doing a promo for my second post I would be very grateful if you gave it a look , should be funny and insightful , but maybe it has spent too little time in the barrel , so it might be a little dry, do tell :)

Disagree with you on this Craig. We should at least show them that we have an active and engaged community and get into Brian and Coinbase's consciousness at least.

The problem is that's steem is the only coin that is easy to earn. It has more users but less transactions because the transactions occur within the steem economy. I think getting more people on the platform is more important than more trading venues.

yes, I can see that I am the only person saying no while everyone else is saying yes, my role here is to provide balance, everything works better with balance

This is not a prediction game. There is no prize for being right. It is asking which coin do you want to be on the exchange.

Do you want STEEM to be on the exchange or not? If you do, then you should vote for it. As should others. That is the point of this post.

Whether we win or not is a separate thing, but just because we might not win is a silly reason not to vote.

I see your point, but me, I don't get religious about stuff. I do want to see steem on Coinbase, but not within the next 6 months, the timing for such a great thing for steem should be right, and since I have not seen the promised road-map that is now overdue, I cant imagine steem being on coinbase

That's fair. Regarding the roadmap, they did announce that there would be a delay (see post).

Reality is what you make it.

While you're right to an extent, the decision of whether or not adding STEEM to Coinbase it's not up to us. I mean, Coinbase is seeking to add a new coin to trade with and if they find numerous people asking for STEEM, they'll look at it and its addition will be taken into account for sure.

I am a realist, and according to poloniex and bittrex, steem has the lowest trading volume of all the coins being considered, that can and will change in the future

the performance of the coin is good on the market, but the development team is nothing to brag about, the people behind monero might be too gangster for coinbase to get involved with, but demand for the coin alone is reason for coinbase to add monero. If coinbase is looking to work with professional business people then it will be Zcash, not monero

Zcash devs could double the supply of coins in the system and you would have no fucking clue. Zcash is a corp DOA coin.

Time will tell. I think Monero may have a billion dollar marketcap by 2018, just because it is not a clone based off Bitcoin (which Zcash is at it's core, just heavily modified) and it is actually thriving with no ICO / Centralized development backing just like Bitcoin has done. I may be wrong though, we'll see.

If it's less about politics and more about making money, then monero is the right choice for coinbase

Yeh, Monero definitely makes bank. I suspect it may hit $60+ per token this year with a supply of only 13 million coins right now...would still be under a 1 billion marketcap even at that value per token. The GUI they just released is nice too, I like it. That along with Ring CT going into affect (hides amounts transferred, on top of the address hiding already implemented) its getting very popular.

Done and Resteem. This happening would be huge for steemit and steem's exposure.

Voted there...


Voted and resteemed here

Personally I don't recommend that platform because it is based in the USA. I tell folks, "use it at your own risk". Just like prescription meds Coinbase should have a warning label. ; )

Poloniex and Bittrex are also based in the US, it's not about being a fan of Coinbase or not, it's about having Steem on that platform available to Coinbase customers.

I totally agree ! The more places it's seen and available the better the exposer is !♨ 👍😉♨

For sure, we have a Bittrex account but it isn't in my name. ; )

Yes I think we need to get it in as many places as possible.

Yup, Xapo would have been a better choice but they did not exist at the time. Great interview by the way with Jeff Berwick.

Thank you for watching!

It's good publicity, but they do have issues because of US government requests.

Wha , can you elaborate a bi please

My understanding is that under the current Federal Gov administration there is a request for all user records of the service.

Steem or some of the other ones, I guess it's open ended and as far as i remember easily accessable to the public , Steemit that is , so it shouldn't matter. There's google anyway to search for anyone and what is Alphabet by the way?

I'm guessing coinbase had to , just read some other post.

From what we have read coinbase received the request but has not complied yet.

We need to get the 24 hour traded volume up for this to work. Most exchanges look for the high volume coins to add, because they make their profit out of the trading fees.

Thanks for this information Joseph I will go place my vote for STEEM

That's great to see!!!

That's funny. I just pitched steem to the CEO of the Ledger wallet today in an email . I snuck it in while inquiring about the product line.

It's things like that which will decide how huge steem becomes. Nice job :)

oh.... and i also tweeted him too :) said "steem" with an emoji with the dollar sign eyes and dollar bill tongue hahahaha

DONE! Upvoted and resteemed. I'm a newbie - but you have the honor of my FIRST resteem! Not only loved the post - but also loved how passionate you are in your comments! Totally agree with you. (and i realize that I have a lot to learn as a newbie - but I wouldn't be here if I didn't agree with you!!!) Thanks for the post and the info! Cheers to making it onto the NEXT survey :)

Welcome, hope you like it here! I have actually started using more frequently and its a main social media for me at the moment. I don't even log in facebook and since I've started posting here not much videos have been watched by me either :D

I am a newbie here and really like Steemit so far and hope to give it much support. I think the more exchange platforms that have it, the more visible and accepted it will be, then the demand for it will grow. It takes time. 👍🏼

well said , all it takes is time , the same would go for here growth takes time and attention.


This would be HUGE for steem. I resteemed in hopes that people will follow up.

That would be great.
If we mobilise we could have a chance.

Voted for STEEM too.

Upvoted and re-steemed!


Done and resteem.

Done and done. This would be a huge deal. Thanks for sharing this!

done n resteemed.

Done and resteemed! 😉👍

Thank You. 👍

good find, filled!

RS and UV!
Steem ! Steem !

Good luck. I think you'll see at least a couple of those added before STEEM.

Done. Resteemed

Nice i vote steem,dash and dogecoin!

Your response has been recorded.

Why not SteemDollars?

STEEM Dollar is a debt backed with STEEM. The digital currency is STEEM.

I see no reason not to vote for both.

I guess, if they will add integration with STEEM, they will realize, that they can really easily turn on support for SBD :)

Speaking about SBD... I just found very interesting words said by @ned, about SteemDollars:

[2016-10-15] Ned Scott Seminar at Oslo Steemit Hackathon: "(...) one of my favorite ideas going into this project, was the idea that we are going to create this pegged instrument - the SteemDollar", interesting especially in relation to words quoted in post of @krnel - Ned on SBD: "Does the community want to continue to be paid out in Steem Dollars?",

Yes, it is interesting to see evolving views as the project unfolds :)

m8 can you help me get a start on steemit

with the way things move so quick its anybodys game!

Steem Community need to take advantage of this survey and show their support for the currency. I believe Steem has the most diverse community and it has a great value when you can attract non crypto users especially when people will be experiencing project like, steemsports, thirsty record (steem music projects) and many others in the pipeline. So I participated in the survey and think Coinbase may add Steem if they realize we are building communities.

Done!!! Are we rich now!? :P

voted for steem at coinbase

There is one called Xaurum which apparently is the only one backed by gold. That'd be ideal!

I voted for STEEM and SBD

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