Steem solves that problem...

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Ethereum sees skyrocketing fees and long block times, steem solves that

Due to network congestion during this recent crypto route, ethereum is seeing all kinds of network issues.

It is seeing prolonged block times and increasing network fees.

Check it out:

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The current confirmation time for transactions is roughly 44 minutes.


Steem solves all of that.

Steem has 3 second transaction times and ZERO fees.

Probably a good reason why Ethereum is transitioning over to POS.

Though, last I heard it was going to be beginning of 2020, now end of 2020, if not 2021.

We are already there.

Oh and Hey Justin...

Justin Sun @justinsunsteemit we really need you to update your price feeds.

If you are going to control half of the witness slots you need to update your price feeds if you want the steem blockchain and to continue to function as intended.

If it doesn't, you lose your investment.

It's your call, but please just do it.

Stay informed my friends.



I agree that the transaction time, zero transaction fees and scalability of graphemes blockchain make Steem blockchain a better infrastructure. We have Nonfungible coins and could host tokens like the various ERC tokens here and decentralized finance similar to MakerDao and Dai here on the Steem blockchain here with Steem, SBD and the new and improved multi coin smart contracts available on Ethereum. Those could potentially run here. There is massive financial potential here, but no one seems to see it, who could make it happen. I have immersed myself in it and write about it, and it’s great to see someone sees our advantages over Ether.

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Ethereum goes bonkers when Bitcoin has issues.. Last few days people have complained it takes hours to transfer Bitcoin to exchanges... And price of my coin is going crazy, because it has low fees and fast confirmation times... lol...

What's the price?

Currently 7 satoshis on BTC pair, so really cheap to buy... It has bounced between 1 sats and 15 sats since listed on BTC pair, LTC pair is 0.00000002 LTC, and ETH pair is 0.00008790 ETH...

What is the coin again and on what exchange?

TLO, on C-Patex... It's not listed on bigger exchanges yet, as we need more trading volume...

Yes ETH has a 2 year roll out the code is mostly done it’s now about testing and implementation but apparently the new chain will be out in the test net this month

And we all know how long things can remain in test net...

LOL 😂 oh lord, not you too Ethereum....

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In the size of Ethereum is important to make upgrade slowly.