Partially, yeah. I've heard that liqwid is "forced on" for all 3speak posts. So there's no way to use 3Speak without giving part of your money to liqwid (essentially a payday loan advance) and burning 3% of it to @null, which is after the curators have taken their half, and the whales have taken their pillage share if your post didn't make at least $11.
In other words, you'll be lucky to see 1/4 of the payout showing on your 3speak posts.

Well, the 3% is negligible, a fair compromise considering you get the SP rewarded in liquid STEEM.. my opinion though.

3Speak charges a monthly fee to upload though, doesn't it? As well do they still take 10% from your author rewards right off the bat, so technically likwid would only be receiving 100% of your 90% of author rewards (or 40% of your creator reward, however you want to look at it) ?

Better off storing your videos on IPFS and embedding them yourself at that rate :/

True. I mean I'm happy they exist, and hope others pop up doing something similar (so there's more of a free market of options), but I think I should learn about storing vids on IPFS. Been meaning to anyway. (If you have any good links or advice please feel free to mention.)

There is @finex which does the same as @likwid, not sure on the fee though..

That reminds me of another trick I'll share with you, in case you use steem-engine :)

To withdraw/deposit to steem-engine and be charged a fee of 0.25% instead of 1%, transfer a minimum of 1 STEEM/STEEMP to @steemfinex. If you want an even cheaper fee, you can save 0.01% for each hour you are willing to wait on the transfer.

So, send the number of hours to wait in memo.
For example to deposit STEEM to steem-engine, transfer 1 STEEM to @steemfinex with memo: 25 for example, which means in 25 hours @steemfinex will transfer 1 STEEMP to your steem-engine wallet at no fee (25 x 0.01% = 0.25% so you saved the entire fee)

To withdraw STEEMP from steem-engine to get STEEM, just transfer 1 STEEMP to @steemfinex, with say 12 as the memo, in which case you'd be charged a 0.13% fee and in 12 hours the STEEM minus the fee will be in your STEEM wallet.

You can send any amount as long as it's above 1 STEEM/STEEMP you won't be refunded if you send less, they will keep it as donation.

They will refund you though if you transfer and they have no liquidity to fill the order, this usually happens when you want it done right away (no memo, fee of 0.25%) but sometimes it can happen if you wanted to wait, in which case the refund would happen when your order expires (so if you put 12 in the memo and they can't fill the order by the 12th hour, you'd be refunded at the 12th hour)

Hope you understand all that!