2.4 Million Steem Power down to start

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You may read this post and say "fuck it" then start a power down to buy one of these!

For a meager 2.4 Million SP this could be all your's
While out on a walk i went down a new small subdivision mainly to smoke a spliff, after smoking it i thought how much SP would it take to buy one?
The current Steem price is 18c USD
Screenshot (215).png
So i need to convert that to NZD which works out to be 29c NZD, these will be around $695,000 NZD which is roughly $435,000 USD...cheap as!
There is one here that looks around 13 weeks from completion, have you started your power down yet?
Get in quick to choose your colors & flooring :)

  • 4 bed
  • 2 bathroom
  • double or triple internal access garaging
  • full air-con

Just do it and stop being a pussy, pull the trigger before #justinbuysthataswellsortof


All pictures were taken with my iphone which is tracking me

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Above credit @sift666


Glad Smudge brings you back to reality... You may be able to buy about a dozen 2 by 4's with a power down... You better start posting like mad and drawing in the whales if you want to buy one of these houses in your lifetime.....


Right i better get typing then

Totally with you there bud.