Your skill is only yours.

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Everyone has their own views on this topic. In my view, skill you got is always valuable; of any sector. It maybe artistic skills, dancing, singing, story writing, poem writing, etc. from institute or any relevant source. You'll be known to the obstacles that arise during your learning phase which makes you curious to have research on it and finally you overcome your difficulties. After learning phase, you come to know situations and struggles on related field and gain more knowledge that makes you smart. So, what I mean is, success comes with every kind of experience with it. You can earn through your valid imaginations if only you work hard to achieve it. One day, you'll be the one teaching other interested people about your skill. They will get to learn from you through the easiest way you choose to teach them and know where to use the skill. But, just being interested is never enough to know the depth. For that, you need to be curious. Because interest lets you see things surfacely while curiosity lets you understand it's depth. You might teach others in preferred way but it's not sure that the skill they obtained will be used correctly in correct situation. You'll always be the one with sharp catchy points since you overcomed every problem on your own. Learning boosts you once but teaching boosts you as many times as you continue teaching.

Moments are like moving clouds in windy day, vanishes and mixes up all of a sudden which we do not get to notice. But skills are like rain drops in rainy days, falls from every dark clouds which we get to notice. You have the power to hold on to your moments through your skills again and again.


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Hello from Malaysia, nice write up

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