If you care about the steem price

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Do not allow the power down period to be reduced.

Currently Steem is going through some rough times. Witnesses steal funds and value from Steemit and then they fight back by taking over the governance and voting out witnesses and hard forking.

All this should tank the price.

But it does not. The reason is simple: Exchanges used customer funds to power up to have more control over the chain. Any withdrawals from exchanges has to be bought by the exchanges.

So if you care about the price:

  • Withdraw all the funds you have on exchanges.
  • Make sure to reject any witness that proposes a reduction of the power down periods

Everybody else. Stop stealing funds and messing with peoples properties.


Servus Meister,

unterstütze doch bitte mit deiner Witness-Wahl die Verteidiger der Dezentralität! Du hast noch 16 Votes frei und viel Power, z.B. für

@gtg und andere, die kurz vor dem Wiedereinzug in die Top 20 stehen.

Siehe https://steemd.com/witnesses

Die gelb markierten sind die "Bösen".

Hier ist mein aktueller Post zum Thema:



The funds were temporarily frozen, not stolen, because they were Steemit, Inc's ninja mined stake and their current owner had announced he was going to destroy the chain thus stealing everybody else's property by forcing everyone to choose between swapping it for some TRC10 token of unknown value and remaining on this chain slated for abandonment.

Justin Sun fired the first shot by announcing on the very same day that he acquired Steemit, Inc that he was going to move everyone over to the centrally controlled People's Republic of Tron.

Funds of a user were altered. That is stealing. That is not ok. Personally thats where i draw the line.

Frozen temporarily, not stolen. Stealing means taking away permanently.

That said, I think it was premature to do the soft fork and said so right after it was done.

I disagree. the steem of steemit were changed to something that is not steem. So that is stealing in my book

What do you mean were changed to something that wasn't steem?

I think this was as if a large customer had walked into a bank and wanted to withdraw a large sum stating that they were going to hire a demolition crew to bulldoze the entire block (which they did not own).

That's a simple advice but very important for all steemians.


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