Asking for 1 steem ransome money was just joke please do not take it serious

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Apologies for heart breaking to steemians

First of all i tell you i spend my whole life to support steem , and i am steem holder when the price was 6$ , Still did not powered down when price is 13 cent , Track the record did not asked some one for any kind of ransome money , also spread free upvotes to many people ,
However i found a account from bangladesh Rs farhan involved in uploading images that was remodified and plagiarized so i downvoted him and ask for ransome 1 steem as a joke , He was not a newbie and using all tribe tags , The account was new but the person was old with new trick of grabbing reward.
However asking for money was just joke and i did not ask such money before. Community take it as a kind of blackmailing . 13k steem power is not a big power to blackmail some one for money , It was just a fun comment .

How ever i apologies for This mistake , i have no attention of blackmailing any one and will not do such kind of joke again , i hope you guys can understand

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