WTF? I wanted to delete my account as well. If you really can't, it's worse than facebook.


And come May it will also be in violation of the EU's GDPR.

one part chain gang other part cell block.

it is check out time. way too late, none too soon.

blockchain 😤

😭 At least Facebook lets you delete your account.

Hello .I want to report on an account of i didnot know anything about this but when i searched my name on google then I checked that somebody is misusing my name and photo here by creating an account as in he is using my identity you can check it here please this is a request help me to report on this account or tell me the correct procedure to close this account

This is utter bullshit. A bunch of confusing keys (public/private) are thrown, and once you lose the so-called holy grail password, then you can’t change anything. I tried to open another account with same email ID and phone number, but it won’t allow, as it is already ‘registered’. Then I tried to delete my account, and hell, even that is not possible. If they can’t fix it, then many users like me will be in a limbo situation. Until then, bye bye steemit.

I can't dive in on a platform like this. There are many reasons that someone may want to delete an account. Not for me.

The inability to delete account data is a violation of the GDPR:

Whatever the technical reason (immutability of the blockchain) is totally irrelevant. It's not legal in the EU.

This is due to poor design and could have been avoided. While the "blockchain" does indeed mean that the data is immutable, the actual data you embed within it (and how you choose to do so) is a design decision. Apparently, someone considered it "wise" to embed PII directly into this record when they could have simply embedded IDs and/or encoded/relational data. Very suspect, dubious, and disappointing design.