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RE: My comment correcting the publisher of this article was rejected. This is why need a censorship free platform.

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It's an interesting article. Sadly, the whole blockchain ecosystem is still so new, even to "pundits" that make money commentating on it, they can only put it into a context they are already familiar with, completely missing the innovation that blockchain enables.

Outside of social media and banking industries, blockchain enables a complete plethora of new workloads. For example, my husband works in healthcare and is working on implementing blockchain for distributed medical records - breaking out of the known providers storage and enabling true self managed privacy.
Another area that could do with blockchain is in land approvals and realestate, where properties could have every related document as part of its own blockchain, consolidating records of sales, modifications, approvals to the property itself rather than entrusting the paper records to city councils and local government.

It's going to take a lot of time to highlight these areas of innovation, but censoring comments is going to make it take even longer!