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Wallet disabled, again! I'm not crazy to sell this crypto, cos current price is nowhere near the potential and strenght it has... and they know it, they know it all right! trying to get liquidish, trying to stick their fingers, but community will mature and we'll be looking at @poloinex as a place where you cant make money (which you can)... @jerrybanfield what do you think, man?


I am debating selling on polo and moving it to Bittrex to buy steem again and move here. But I know I will loose some $$

yes, cos of the rates... the best way is to buy it, and save it on a hard\cold wallet, this is a long term investition even though it has great short and mid term potential...

I've had a similar situation on Polo with Sia Coin about a month ago. They completely disabled my ability to move the coins. Also today for about 15 minutes I got an error message saying that I was "temporarily banned from the website by the owner". Later I was able to log on only to see that they were having all types of issues on their exchange. Good post.

exactly, i had the same situation vith SC (maybe we've heard each other yelling at them :)) it flew from 615 sats to nearly 700 when wallet was "temporarly disabled"