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I have to confess I was not there for the presentation, and I've been somewhat postponing learning yet another front end for STEEM, but a few hours into Steeve, I think I could find myself using it a lot more often. It's obvious to me, at least at this very moment, that upgrading is not a priority on anyone's radar. Yes, some talented developers, like @eonwarped have submitted some tweaks here and there, but lets face it, it's falling behind to it's competitors.

Maybe that's ideal

Not because there is something wrong per say with, but because as we know competition is always the fastest way to polish a product. If we have multiple front ends trying to become "THE" website to interact with the STEEM blockchain, it just means for us, the users, that innovation will always be in the forefront.

Also, I think it's quite important that we move away more and more from relying solely on a centralized operation. This is not to say that there is something inherently wrong with Steemit Inc doing the core of development, but the more we as a community remove from their plate, the more we improve on, the better. We are in many ways diluting risk, but spacing out weaknesses, and not having a single point of failure.

You might know, or you might not, that for many blockchains, there is 1 team that does absolutely everything, and when something happens to that team, when there is a fight, a difference of ideals, said event usually signals the death of the token. That is kind of what decentralization is supposed to fix.

The problem with Trending, gone?

Seems to not be a thing on Steeve, and in my limited knowledge of this particular front end, I can say that it seems to be a big plus for me so far. I'm not entirely sure how the algorithm works yet, but I'll do some digging about after a night time cup of coffee. (yes, I'm doing those these days).

Unstaked Curation?

The inhuman Steemian, the one no blogger can beat @tarazkp has already written about this, and I have to agree it's actually something very reassuring to see. His post is actuallythe reason why I decided to try Steeve today. If you are still undecided it, I would give his post a good read, as he makes a very compelling point as to why it's imperative new users with no stake have a voice too.

However, what is possibly the most important feature of them all. I mean, How many times have we said that content discovery is broken? Yes, its true, and anyone who has tried to curate good content on this blockchain is very familiar with the gargantuan job it is. On Steeve however, it's casually suggesting content I may be interested in right under the one post I just found. This, in theory, could create a chain of interaction and frictionless content consumption.

I'm looking forward to see what the team developing Steeve will come up with next...

A tip of the hat to it's dev team, as they say!

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Steeeeeeve (1:43)

hahhahaha yes!


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I think that all of these front-end developments have been great but it is also running the risk of continuing to segment communities. I have seen that Steemit has continued to fall from the Alexa ratings which while correlated to the decline in active users here could be also impacted by the amount of user flocking to Busy, Steempeak and others for their STEEM needs. I hope that we can use these ideas to create the best one or a portal that could easily switch between them as I honestly dislike having to provide credentials every time I am trying to log into a new one like Steeve or others. Do not want to curtail the development and adoption of these new ideas, but wish we can be more like a community and improve on what we have to attract more users.

I'm really impressed by steempeak. They continue to add nice features. I like that Steempeak/Busy already embed's DTube directly in the page. Partiko also does this i think. Also i like how BSteem did that. Would be cool to see more dapps doing that and catering to that side of things.

Yeah, it's on my list for Steeve as well, just haven't got to it yet.

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Steempeak is pretty awesome, nothing else to add to that... seems like every week they hit the nail in the head with a new feature.

This steeve it’s really cool: I can reading with less effort, thanks to the nice font used.

💯 Thanks @meno for letting me know about it! 🙏🏼

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

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Guessing it's a mobile app? I'm timing out in chrome on PC.

im using it on the browser with no issues.

Thanks for sharing @meno I'll be sure I check it out later when I'm back from university

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