Downvote cause you had steem in the thumbnail on top, and not hive. Was my first reaction, sorry. I agree this is good news, but doubt it will hold. I hope HIVE stays above steem.

gosh there are really bad in hive.

No, in HIVE you just have to use your brain!! Proof of Brain they call it!!! Think

maybe is better just power down and leave this social network really toxic people here.

even some one as bad person as you i couldn't go to bed with downvoting you so is better just powerdown and leave hive...

Brah, I told you my reasons, my choice. This is HIVE, not steem. You don't need to get all mad about it, over a fraction of a penny. Use your brain, and learn to control your emotions.

Yah i used first i though i need to fight back this evil person, then i though i can't be like him so is better to leave :) again.
And now i know why this social network will never succeed is full of bad people wish is a pitty...
the idea is great but many of it's users are extremely toxic online.

All it was, was a bit of constructive criticism regarding HIVE posting vs STEEM. Was simply a tip, and you took it as some evil attack and flew off the handle. here is an old saying: "Quitters never win, and winners never quit! If at first you don't succeed, try try again!"

What, who? Are you calling HIVE bad and STEEM good? You better check yourself before you rekked yourself here MR!