New Steem Soft Fork . All top Steem witnesses / puppets are signaling version 0.23.1...

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Ok...I am just gonna leave this here....20200522 15_02_45Witnesses _ Steem Blockchain _ Steem.png

It seems that Justin didn't like the whole mess with the "community321" account.

He was just ten minutes away from grabbing 23 million Steem coins from legitimate users...but that "White Knight" ruined everything....

He's got to fix that right?

I really hope that they won't fork out Bittrex account which is currently holding those funds so that they send the stolen tokens to another "community" account...because that would simply open Pandora's box...

To be honest with you all nothing surprises me anymore...

Ready for a new round of heart-attacks?

Here's their statement....

As a safety measurement, the softfork 0.23.1 is limiting the account @community321 for transfer, as the community does not have the control over this account anymore.

So...the community will decide this time eh? Which community they are referring to exactly?


This guy is simply mad, lame as fuck, idiotic and out of control. What does he think about us, who's trying to fool? I can't wait to take my Steem out. I was thinking to continue cross posting but who knows what forks the community will come up with and really ruin everything. I am curious with how much are the witnesses being paid for that.

He's definitely going to force the SEC to label Steem a security as well as make many question ever investing in crypto. Imagine you invest in a 401K or something and one day they have a board meeting and decide they are keeping it. No difference at all. Bittrex better be careful here, the world is watching to see if they will aid the bad image exchanges hold as well.

I won't be surprised if some go to jail and owe heavy fines before this is over.

Sociopaths lack empathy.
The only thoughts or actions that are reasonable or rational in his mind are those which further his personal agenda.
Right and wrong are determined by their impact on that agenda.
He will do whatever to whoever he has to in order to further that agenda.
It sucks that private property is being stolen, I know I'd be pissed, and i will support the correction of that injustice any way I can.
At the same time we need to realize that we are involved in a struggle which at its roots is about much more than money.
And while we can find hope in the birth and burgeoning of Hive, (WIN! Thank you all!), we need to understand that this is just the beginning of the battle.
With all that is going on at this moment in history it is plain to see that we are in the early stages of sweeping change in society.
Sociopaths dont capitulate.
They would rather destroy the world than give up their power.
In their minds that's winning.
As decentralization spreads and mass adoption grows the battle will intensify and we will be facing adversity on a level we can't or dont care to imagine now.
Gird your loins!
The spirit of liberty will prevail!

Wow!!! another step in the centralization progress

they can literally write a book or a movie regarding this whole situation :P