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RE: Building Long Term Value from your Blog

in #steem4 years ago

Great post @dantheman. I think it highlights an opportunity for Steemit.
In the example, the blog author, Steve Pavilina, would write content which was available over a long period of time. His COLLECTIVE work is what drove value. In addition to his recent work, people's attention would also be paid to older posts, not just what was produced in the past 24 hours. He benefited by this.

I would like Steemit to do something similar. Make our older posts, perhaps ones we choose, to be part of a profile page that new readers could peruse and appreciate (even upvote). Something easy and visually appealing (marketing is important for any brand). This addition would help Steemit support a collective body of work by bloggers, instead of what sometimes seems to be a 24-hr treadmill. Steemit bloggers should be supported in gaining long-term benefits from the quality posts they write.


Yes, great post by Dan. One of the points he made is that the blogger already benefits from his body of work without having to directly monetize older posts in perpetuity.

Having said that, I agree 100% that in order to realize the full benefit of prior work, there should be a true blog page for each user consisting of whatever posts they choose to include. There should also be other customizability for this blog page including layout, background, etc.

This is (perhaps along with the ability to follow tags) one of the most glaring omissions in the UI and probably among the greatest sources of frustration and consternation for users...which I think has had a substantial impact on satisfaction and ultimately retention. I really hope these features will be added soon. I can't imagine any reason not to do so immediately.

Have to agree with you and I try to not let UI issues bother me too much with steemit. I have seen a ton of other sites built on using this blockchain already and know eventually we will have the ultimate UI or many to choose from based on what content we are into or experience we desire.

Have you had a chance to read the 2017 road map? I think some of this was addressed. How real do you see the possibility of a group building a better UI than for steemit?