CNN Interview for Steem

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Ned Scott CNN Newsource.PNG

You may have seen me on your local news lately — I did an interview with CNN Newsource about controlling your data and earning rewards for your content on Steem.


@ned packin' some HEAT, I Love It !

Haha :) But seriously, maybe those braces were intentional - you need to stand out somehow and be remembered / talked about!

Vitalik agrees.

I was thinking more of this lol image.png

wtf is that's a corset for victorian hookers

Lol, me too got the same first impression.

I'm pretty sure @ned's using @actifit to record this playful Tyrolean dance activity... LOL! ;)

Lol. That was the first thing I saw about the video too. Dope Ned! 😎

ned is packing heat. don't mess with steemit

@ned nice interview, I hope we will get some people in our family :)

Awesome @Ned! We would still love to interview you sometime on our @MSP-Waves Show, "Ma1ne & Snekky" if you would be interested sometime!

@ned I know you are just getting roasted in these comments, and well.. I hope you at least get a giggle from them 😉

It is really nice to see you interacting again on the platform and it would be amazing to see you take this a step further. As ma1neevent has mentioned they do a weekly discord radio show where they interview everyday users, top witnesses and many other individuals who are apart of this ecosystem.

They both are very professional and it’s always really nice to get to interact with others on this platform in this way. We as an audience can not only listen but interact live, ask questions and just feel a bit closer and more informed.

I know you are busy, and I’m absolutely no one.. but the discord radio shows on the PAL network have become an important part of Steem. Educating new users on the ins and outs of Steem as well as their very informative Witness Round Table shows. I just think it would be a pretty amazing experience for you to be involved in if you could spare an hour of your time. I know the users here would be encouraged as well as more informed if you took up the offer... just something to consider.

Steem on,


Would you accept an interview in discord for the steemians ???

this is what makes an impact! big media spreading the word. awesome Ned!

I'm glad to see Steem get some exposure in the news. We're definitely approaching the point where non-crypto people are going to be joining us!

why does my gut feeling tell me to buy steem power and also netcoin shares? lol

Awesome ❤️ but come on Ned... We all know You have the brains and the vision and the know how and all that good stuff.... But Now You go on CNN use that pretty face that You have and give us a smile 😀 gotta reach to all that mainstream creators 😉🤣

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So many good news happened in steemit: steem won 1st champion in Netcoins contest, and the captain had mainstream interviews, which means a brighter future of this platform. Steem on!

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Great exposure, nice job Ed!
Luv the suspenders.

Hi Ned
Please go through this and would be grateful if someone could reply if this makes sense at all. Thanks. If it doesn’t, please excuse my ignorance.

Seriously though I have zero fashion sense and this must be what kid are wearing these days..

shill baby shill !!!

Great to see that the classic media is more and more picking up decentralization as a central theme in their news coverage. Even though most anarchical hardliners don't like these channels, it's the way to go towards real mass adoption.

Well done in style :-)

missed it...I don't watch CNN, the most disgusting name in news

Waiting for your recommendations for non-disgusting alternatives. I watch CNN daily, but like Damian Marley sang, I know that "If you're over 10 and you watch CNN and believe everything / You're in too deep." I also know that logic isn't exclusive to CNN. Fox can be "disgusting". RN, Aljazeera, BBC. Name them. It all depends on your interests, and your subjective definition of "truth." Sadly we have come to that point as a people.

With love from Nigeria,
Akpan :)

The only thing that can be done is to get your news from many primary sources, compare and analyze them, then draw your own conclusion.

Note: Comcast (for example) owns a LOT of the media

90% of the news in the US comes from only six primary sources.

I don't know of any 'non disgusting' alternatives. The news media is kinda like a rectum in that it is Repulsive by nature but we can't do without it.

That does not matter when you are the interviewee. You are the one who sets the tone and who carries the message. It is important that Steem is in all media, unpleasant or not

Bravo Mr.Ned.

thanks for love ♥ :)

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Looking good bro. Saw you on Bloomberg not long ago also. Keep spreading the word :)

News like this is excellent for the future growth of the platform. Way to go, @ned. People will now begin to realize that we have something special here that is quite different from centralized social sites.

Nice suspenders!

I'm desperately trying not to imagine Ned in suspenders, which this side of the Atlantic are a ladies undergarment used to hold up stockings!

Yes, it isn't an image most people want but to late. I don't know how to answer that last line lol

power to the people

It's good to see you Captain Ned 😉


Also, I always thought Ned was kind of a looker. And that's the main thing. Who cares about earning money on a social media blockchain, right? Tee hee hee.

But seriously, folks. This is covered so well! I love the prospect! I'm doing a jig! did you land this interview? Do tell...inquiring minds want to know. Smileyface.

Good job @ned! I’m sure nobody noticed the suspenders.

It is important to make more of those appearance before the SMT. :)

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This is the best news ever :D

Great exposure. Nicely done!

I hope this interview will bring awareness about Steem and related things. It would be a success if more people participate on this platform and it becomes famous as Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are.

It's great to see Steem get some exposure. Hopefully, people will get excited about its potential and invest a little.

I would expect to see some correlation between the price of Steem and @ned interviews with the media.


Are those suspenders?

That's what I am tawkin bout @ned...

get some pom poms and do some A grade shilling ...get us to moon !! I guess the rest of you had no problem with sound on the linked video? I could only hear the journalist and none of the clips.

You look like Drakes Uncharted!

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Yes growing up together.

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This type of interviews in the leading tv channels and newspapers are really important for the growth and acceptance of the steem. Great job.

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I think they just wanted him there to check out that legendary hair :)

I like the leather suspender, may I need to get one for my self :)
Hail!!! Ned

Wow!!! CNN? How sweet
Always proud of you @ned
Keep up the good work

Wow, CNN!!! What a great ad for Steem :) Great job!

great post @ned

This smells like fake news.

very nice, you'll do wonderful im sure of it

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very nice, you'll do wonderful im sure of it

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you talk about getting paid for ones data

where does this exchange happen with STEEM?

i thought steem sites take no data

Thank you @ned
You're my best friend. ;)

Thanks! I hear it @ned... Is it a big impact to Steemit if I will invest or buy steem around 7 Bitcoin? And how big is your concern for the people using this platform?

Sir @ned,we Filipinos steemians voted and campaigned steem to be listed in Netcoin.We were sad to the result for the first time result but thanks God we won.

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Nice job!

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