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It's not a secret that Steem is really important to me. I simply know that Steem has a great potential and I want to be among those who will help build the whole ecosystem around its core - Steem Blockchain. But is it possible for the individual to have any impact on this already huge venture?

If you want to help to improve Steem or build any significant project on top of it, you cannot act alone. Sooner or later you will need a break, and Steem deserves to be improved continuously.

I am glad, that during last 2 years on Steem, I was fortunate enough to meet a group of people with a similar mindset, complementary skills and with a needle in moral compass pointing to the same direction. Today I would like to introduce to you our team!

@wise-team, assemble!


Why name Wise Team? The simplest explanation is that one of our flagship product is called Wise. At the beginning wanting to emphasize the existence of our 2nd flagship product - Engrave - we had a plan, to call ourselves Wisely-Engraved, but our CTO and main developer of Engrave insisted to stick with "Wise" because it is simpler in pronunciation and in writing :)

Our Projects

We believe, that a witness should first deliver something before openly ask for support in form of witness votes. Probably you are already familiar with at least one of our projects, namely a SteemProjects service, which since March of 2018 was visited almost 200k times by over 32k users!

Our project which you already know

SteemProjects.com is a place, where you can find information about all Steem-related projects in the ecosystem. The goal is to show to the world how big and active our community is. Every project has a dedicated page, where one can find the most important information about it.

Our projects which we believe you will want the most

For sure SteemProjects is useful, but we believe that two of our projects which has the biggest potential are Wise and Engrave:

Wise is a vote delegation system build as a 2nd-layer voting protocol on top of Steem, simply - let others vote on your behalf! We believe, that Steem currently doesn't fully utilize the wisdom of a crowd of our community. Wise aims to be a solution for a problem of “great content getting poor or no rewards”.

ENGRAVE is an easy to use blogging platform powered by Steem blockchain. You can set up a blog on your own domain and you can choose your website's design from nice-looking templates. Targeted to hobbyists bloggers that can easily monetize their blogs without the need to abandon own website and familiarize with the entire blockchain technology.

Our smaller projects which helps others

Python Social Auth SteemConnect - We believe that rapid development of Steem Apps is a key to success of our community, therefore we decided to leverage the existence of Steem Connect v2 and create a toolkit, which enables ridiculously quick integration of SteemConnect with Web Application written in Python.

The goal of Steemfounders is to reduce the time of waiting for the opening of new accounts for creators to a definite minimum. With our mechanism, a potential new user can submit their first post to the blockchain within minutes of visiting our website and pay for the cost of account creation with earned tokens from a post published via our service.

SteemEnhancer is a simple but powerful extension to boost your User Experience using Steem blockchain, especially Steemit.com. Steem Enhancer allows you to follow tags and receive Rich Notifications about new replies and comments directly on your browser. Be always up to date, regardless of which website you are viewing!

Meeting real people
Being a witness is not only about creating software ;)

A witness is a really important role. After all, a witness is responsible not only for running a witness node (which enables Steem network to operate) but also... a witness should understand a real needs of Steem users, to accept/reject critical changes in Steem protocol.

To be more aware of what is going on we regularly organize meetups and give public talks about Steem to not-yet-Steemians, to better understand the perspective of others:


Nodes, Servers | Our infrastructure


While achievements of witnesses can bring the network the most value, it is still crucial for every witness to provide a stable infrastructure to reliably produce blocks, so network won't experience any hiccups. That's why it is so important to witness to have decentralized infrastructure with backup nodes.

Our setup allows us to perform a switch to a backup node in a matter of seconds after we detect a problem with our main node. Also, we have additional dedicated servers to host projects listed earlier and to have more flexibility in case of emergency :)

Are we new in the town? Why now?

Personally, I've dared to think, about becoming a witness after a lot of encouragement from a community after "We just hacked 11 accounts on Steemit! ~$21 749 in STEEM and SBD is under our control. But we are good guys 😇 So...". But first I decided to prove to myself and the whole community by delivering SteemProjects that my actions can benefit Steem every day.

After being Steemians for almost 2 years, @noisy and @perduta started running a witness node in May 2018 under account name @noisy.witness. We proved ourselves that we are able to provide a stable infrastructure to support a network. But our operation started to grow significantly, and very soon we realized... that our name no longer reflects what we aim to do.

Our old account @noisy.witness will be deactivated within next week.


When @nicniezgrublem join our team, we decided to switch to a new witness account with a different name, to reflect the fact that our team has grown significantly and to emphasize that our portfolio is a team effort. If you already voted for @noisy.witness, the transition will not be done automatically - in that case, please unvote our old account and vote for our new account - @wise-team.

If you want to support us or any of our projects, please vote for our new witness account @wise-team


Voted as witness, project looks awesome.
This post is featured on my daily news (in Chinese :D) today.

Greetings from Brussels, @joythewanderer

I watched whole video despite understanding nothing (maybe except single words in English) :)

But from my impression you like our work! :) Thank you for spreading the word about us among your fellows :)

hahah thanks for checking it out, Noisy :)

Yeah, I’ve learnt you guys made so many projects. I’m familiar with steemprojects and heard about wise. Have to catch up with other ones myself as well. Really a good job!

Can’t wait to meet the team in Krakow qi guess?

Can’t wait to meet the team in Krakow qi guess?

We are going to make a post about it soon :) But yes, most of us will be there :)

Wonderful, looking forward for the post :)

You have our vote @wise-team team!

Steem-projects (among the many others that you're developing) are so important for the growth of this community / a resources that we use very often! Thanks again :)

Thank you guys! I love you! :)

This is our official account :) You can follow us to make sure, that we do awesome things as we should as a good witness :)

More updates about our projects: soon! :)

You have my vote, over time the competition for top witness spots should ensure that no longer just maintaining the nodes is enough - wise-team and noisy seem to be here for the long haul, are active and actually use the platform frequently + develop needed services on top of it.

Hopefully your team will get the resources you need to really flourish here, as we need more dev teams here, not just individuals.

thank you :)

You guys are one of the team that can really help this blockchain to move forward. Of course, you're getting my vote!

The polish Fellowship of the Steem ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I put a lot of hope in you guys!

You have my voice @wise-team. I keep my fingers crossed for your project. And I'm glad guys that you represent Poland!
Good luck!

Wise move!

Take Steem to a better place!

I am really very excited about the listed projects. I switch to steemit from WordPress blogging platform because it takes long time to earn money through blogging on WordPress where you have to invest money for premium service apart from Hosting.

The project which revive my passion towards niche blogging is Engrave, Definitely i will vote for witness which you people deserve.

Yes, Engrave seems to be ideal solution for you :) It's already working and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us ;)

should we show to the public just a few example instances of Engrave? :)

Maybe: https://steem-hikers.pl and https://gornicki.org with custom domains and https://lelon.engrave.website as a blog in subdomain? ;)

There will be a list of best blogs on the main page of ENGRAVE platform so anyone could see it :)

One of the strongest teams out here! Strong representation from Poland :) It's good to see your guys public now!

The best rebranding I've ever seen.

Ohh stop it, you :p

I couldn't wait to make our cooperation public :)

It's all about community here and for me it came naturally to join my efforts with people already doing great job for the entire network. I believe that as a team we can achieve much, much more than each of us separately.

Steem is a great ecosystem and I will do whatever I can to make it even better!

Great Work @noisy . You have a blazing track record of value on the Steem Blockchain , so I am definitely voting @wise-team for witness.

Keep up the great work.

One noisy.witness removed, one wise-team added. Keep it up!

I am really curious how this "rebranding" will go... I am not aware of anyone who tried to do something like this. Unfortunatelly... renaming an account is not possible (proxy also doesn't work in such a ways...)

So, such a move can potentially cause a loss of a lot of votes. Actually, that was a reason why we actually never tried to start a broad campaign for our old account before - because then we already knew... that probably we would like to change it :)

We are so happy today, that we can finally announce everything! :)


So far, it's much better than I expected :) (some people we informed earlier, but still! :) )


If you think "Steem has a great potential" there should not be much to worry about... In a year or two it might be a good laugh thinking how you guys worried about the the loss of a few votes in the way back then!

Love it.

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Need to check your projects, from descriptions they look very usefull. I hope you will move this platform to better place. Powodzenia!

Only if a community will help us :) But so far, we cannot complain for a community :)

I'm really proud to be part of this team and I believe we are going for Wise STEEM future. ;-)

Nice one!
What are your plans to migrate to another blockchain? ;)
I'll be cheering for you. Do you plan to introduce your projects a bit more? I'd like to have a look at the repos at some point.

What are your plans to migrate to another blockchain? ;)

Are you nuts? :P We are wise-team, not d-team ;)

Do you plan to introduce your projects a bit more?

Exactly... one project at a time :) When? Soon :)

I'd like to have a look at the repos at some point.

most of our projects is already open-source.


Currently only one of our project is not open-source yet, but from what I understood @nicniezgrublem promised to take care about that as well :)

BTW, you can keep track of our progress in development while hanging out with us on our Wise-Team Discord: https://discord.gg/dn8ZxWJ

We have there a special channel #github, to make our work even more transparent:


I'll be cheering for you.
thank you! :)

I'm doing latest polishing before code opening :)

@tipu upvote this post with 20 sbd k?

At first I read "20k sbd" lol :D

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What is the team's plan for reviewing code and dropping it when it is released by SteemIt, Inc.

What do you imagine you would have done as a top 20 witness when faced with HF20?


You definitely have my vote as a witness, their developments help the community a lot.

Wow #53 at the beginning looks cool👍! Voted for your team as for witness! Keep it up!

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You just got my vote @wise-team :-)

Keep up the good work!

Thank you, we really appreciate it :)

Congratulations @noisy!
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Glad to have a strong dev-team launching a witness. I for one, am very grateful for the Python social auth SteemConnect library, and the Django-examples within! Looking forward to publicizing my dApp soon -- maybe I'll give you a shout to get it listed on SteemProjects.

Sure, we can be in touch on our discord :) Let us know when it's finished :)

Hey @noisy, I just found out about engrave from steemhunt.com. I have heard of steemfounders before. The projects are great and am going to vote for you guys!! This is awesome for steem blockchain!

looks like all you need is a CFO

When @nicnieazgrublem join our team, we decided to...

@nicnieazgrublem ? Haha :D