Bawt 30k more steem

in #steem4 years ago

Still bine steem. I bawt like another 30k today but I ain’t powered it up yet so you just gotta believe me I guess. I’ll prove it toma how bout dat? What else. I been smoking a lot of weed lately. This probably the most weed I’ve ever smoked. I bawt like an ounce of weed and I been smokin dat shit non stop for the past like 3 weeks. I smoke out of a lil bowl so it’s lasting a long time. It seem like I can’t smoke it all. Like every time I look at da bag it’s stew some weed in nea. It’s crazy. I was high one time like damn “is this a never ending weed bag?”. Shit wild.

Anyway, imma prove to yaw I bawt that 30k steem tomorrow when I take it off da exchange and power it up. I just don’t be feeling like going on the exchange. Logging in. Putting in my 2FA. Doing all that bullshit. So yaw jus gone have to belee me for now. Neh mind. Imma just take a pic and pose it.



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