Be yosewf (bowt 12k steem) 😎12-28-19🤓

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So today has been a fun day so far. Bought some steem and a lil bit of LBRY. It’s getting popular. I bought 12500 steem and powered up 2k to get me to 50k powered up to get me a 60% upvote from @backscratcher. Trying to get to 100k steem powered so I can get dat fat 100% upvote from the trail. Das 100% from 1.4 mil bruh. Das like a $17 upvote right nye!

Trying to stay consistent with my diary. No homo. Dis shit fun doe. Anonymously bloggin bout some stuff you just type and type and type. Don’t even matter wtf you say. Just post some shit wit yo thoughts. Stop tryna be aw propa and shit. Jus post bruh. But yea I bought steem and powad up mo cause I wanna up vote mysewf and othas on da blockchain that don’t wanna be like er body ewse. Lee me a comment. eez2zdndfl.jpg


Snag that 100% trail vote & you’ll be gagging on excess Steem in no time.

I agree with ya, being able to totally be however you want to be on Steem with no real restrictions besides the opinions of other users is quite nice.

Fug yea mayne

Aw ready

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