Toe Jaw I Bawt 30,000 Steem Yesterday

in #steem4 years ago

Toe Jaw I bought 30,000 steem. I know yaw ain’t believe me but I finally made it. My next goal is 250k. Hopefully steem will drop one more time and I can get there. I’m preparing for SMTs and steem communities bruh. Dey say you will be able to earn off the community you create so I’m makin a list of tags imma try to buy when da toolkit drop. Hopefully it’s easy to use and dat shit ain’t complicated. But I’m sure I have enough steem to play with the whales and start some communities around da stuff I’m into.

But yea let me get soft for a second. I appreciate you for reading this if you did and leava comment If you did so I can give you an upvote.

I done bought all this damn steem. This shit better not fall. I need to go shill. Lata




wow! congrats on powering up your sp. steem need more whale like you.

Yes imma wale. Hear me rawr

Damn son, where’d ya find that 100k Steem?

Da exchange

Was making an old trapaholics reference 😉😎

Congratulations bud! Way to go

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Yea boi


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