My 2020 STABLE investment Portfolio

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Well... it may not be very Stable but this is what the letters spell...



I realized today that this is pretty much my Crypto and Stock Portfolio ...

At the moment I have the following ...

6,200 Steem at 20 cents = $1,240
1 share of Tesla = $ 748
1 share of Apple = $320
.1 Bitcoin at $10,000 = $1,000
1 Ethereum = $225
1 Litecoin = $75

Total STABLE Portfolio = $3,608

Kind of Risky.... I will track how I do over the coming days, weeks, months, years. Stay tuned for updates.


I don't know about Tesla and Apple, although Tesla seems to make the earth spin :), but with crypto you're gonna have great revenues over the next year, or two. Don't forget to take some profits when the hype will be overwhelming.

Yeah.... Tesla and Apple have been performing like Cryptos lately but could see some big drops soon.

Bullish times are happening as we speak i did my last two buy in the beginning off Januari and my Steem en ETH are almost doubled in this small period. My portfolio is:


Have a good night.

Yes... it has been a very nice run so far...

indeed my fellow Steemian.

Looks pretty solid to me ;)

Going to see which of these 6 Cryptos and stocks rises the fastest without buying anything more..... obviously Steem will continue to grow from blogging.... maybe. At least from curation.

I have STEEM, BTC, ETC, ETH, SC, EOS, BOID, LTC, XRP, and XLM. I don't hold any traditional stocks. Looks like crypto is on the rise.

Yeah ...l missed out on the Stock Bull Run from 2009 to 2020. Oh well....

I jumped in January, 2017, when BTC was around $1,000. It went to $20,000 later that year. ETH was around $11 and went over $1,000 that year.

Yeah.... crazy. I got in late.... May 2017.

I like it! Very clever! Not sure how stable STABLE will be, but it will be fun to watch!!

Yeah.. maybe it will be very unStable..... we will see.