Love it although it should be in red.

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Agreed, but the correlation was easier to make in the algae-green of Steemy Inc. :)

Good logo actually!

Too f n funny 🤣

Ah, figured we could count on you to come up with an elegant punctuation mark!

All your Steemy are belong to us!

Daaaamn! Haha, shit this is fire :D

I wan you buy my shitcoin


Oh man this is perfect! So much drama this morning, I couldn’t wait to see the @overkillcoin take on it 😂🙈

Thanks, didn't have a lot of time to refine it, but who t.f. cares, it's a garbage company anyway! :D

Is it too late to vote @overkillcoin for witness?

Maybe you missed the memo. Don’t gotta be a witness in order to be a witness. I just send some $ to CZ at Binance and he hooks it up

That is pure gold right there! Why didn't they have you do their logo and design all the time? :D

Because they preferred fiverr? I mean those clowns were poor till their sugar daddy waltzed in XD


Pretty good logo, please give @justinsunsteemit permission to use it. Oh wait, he will take it and use it whether you like it or not.

Amazing. This is the perfect image for today.

trustin justin

We should this as a profile picture in protest :D


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