Archive/screenshots of deleted tweets by NED, BINANCE and backup of Justin Sun content just incase

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Screenshots of Neds twitter before I was blocked:


Binance deleted tweet:


Justin Sun thread (defeated the malicious hackers)

Ned's thread

John McAfee tweet & replies

March 7th-


Binance & Justin Sun

I will add to this as I can


As I avoid Twatter like the Coronavirus, I have been deprived of this information. It strongly changes my assessment of @ned, who I have previously not seen making false statements. He is clearly misrepresenting this matter, particularly disavowing his personal and professional representations on behalf of Stinc regarding the purpose, use, and justification for the founder's stake. I believe his statements presently border, at best, on criminal fraud, and investors that relied on the assurances that stake would be used for development clearly have cause of action against him personally, and Stinc corporately.

Thank you very much for this eye-opening revelation, and do please continue to add to this wealth of evidence for people like me, who have been led into a false sense of @ned's integrity. My personal interactions with Stinc and @ned were limited, and did not include failures of integrity here revealed.

Thanks I'll keep adding as I can keep up. Anyone can keep adding in the comments, it's a lot of content coming out today!

Ned deleted all his tweets few days ago. shredding papers before answering questions is a great way to see innocent :D

You can't avoid the Coronavirus. It's everywhere.

I disagree. It will take extraordinary measures to avoid it. That is not impossible. It's just inconvenient.

March 7th, medium post from Tron foundation

Got this an hour or so ago:

Awesome, add whatever you find :) using a service like as well is a good because nobody can say it was faked :p

March 7/ twitter thread by Binance CZ

March 7th / Justin sun supports himself with the steemit twitter account

March 7th / Justin claims this was a hard fork, not a soft fork

March 7th / Binance publicly states that they will power down

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I am so glad that Ned's gone.
Welcome to Steem, new Ned.
I hate you too.

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