Stay Competitive on Steemit! [2/2]

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In this article we will discuss how to measure your competitiveness and improve upon it. This is a direct continuation of my previous article, so make sure you read that one to know what I am talking about:

Measuring your Competitiveness

There is a wonderful tool around called: Steemdb ,where you can check your stats.

Now you must record your stats, every single day, preferably around the same time, but if you have a big sample size then the error will shrink anyway. I tend to record it when I get free time and write it on a piece of paper if I'm at work, or write it into a spreadsheet:

  • Create a spreadsheet file, where you will record your stats
  • Search up yourself on Steemdb, by entering the URL of your Username like this:
  • You will record the following daily: Steem Power, Vests, Vest Rank, Follower Power, Follower Power Rank, Number of Followers, Number of Followers Rank
  • All of those are easy to find on your page, but there are 4 tricky ones: Vest Rank, Follower Power, Follower Power Rank, Number of Followers Rank, so you have to go to Accounts and search up yourself from that list, based on different sorting:
    • Rich List/ SP is for Vest Rank, and you see your Follower Power
    • Social/ Followers is for Number of Followers Rank
    • Social/ Value of Followers is for Follower Power Rank

So make sure you record them all, and record them every day, to see where you are going. Obviously if your rank is decreasing, your are competitive since your account grows better versus other people.

Here are My stats for Today:


These are my stats for today, and you should have one of this too. My best stat is the number of followers I have, since I am the 275th ranking on Steemit based on the number of followers.

I am very competitive, because I keep track of my statistics and I know where to improve:


I have been blazing ahead in the rankings in the past 11 days since I keep this record, and as you can see, it's a good progress towards the top 100 Steemers.

What is the Secret?

My dedication to Steemit and a lot of hard work and research, but I have also wrote a guide in the past how to make your Steemit posts more valuable, maybe you should read it.

Upvote, ReSteem & bluebutton


The trendline is probably logarithmic though, so with this pace it would take me like 1.5 years to get into the top 10 followers rank, and with in the whale club via vests would take more than 20 years with this pace.

But of course I will power up and in the future it might be even easier to compete. So I guess it would take much less than that.

sorry, what're vests?? and thank you very much for the post!

Vests are the amount of % shares you have in the STEEM POWER vesting pool, I believe:

Go to and see there on the right side.

There is total_vesting_fund_steem which is the total steem that is in SP, and your vests are the amount of shares you hold of that pool I believe.

great post! resteemed :)

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