@randowhale taking the lead - refusing payouts! (unlike that greedy wannabe whale)

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Many have suggested @randowhale should start declining payouts on posts, and we agree.  From this point forward, all posts from @randowhale will decline rewards.

Delegate SP to @randowhale and get paid! 85% of transfers to @randowhale are paid out to delegators!

Submit .05 - 5.00 SBD to @randowhale with a post link as the memo to receive an upvote!

Again, thank you all for your support!

-team @randowhale

(Please re-steem to help spread the word, thank you!)

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It's always nice to see people pushing aside personal gain for the benefit of the community. Respect!


Lead by example.
I haven't used randowhale yet.
So many way to earn on steemit.
As long you can type on your keyboard and share you will earn something.
I applaud this effort.

Just don't cross him or his gang, or he uses that steempower you gave him to make you disappear! Go RandoScam!

Thank you for useful info!

You should accept payouts because you deserve it...IMHO @randowhale

Now that's a big step for you. It shows your commitment to steemit users and not purely making profit

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That's the least he can do as reparation for scamming so many Steemians!

And how exactly has he scammed many Steemians?

He is part of a massive bot /sockpuppet service that downvotes the best bloggers and then upvotes themselves into trending. They have millions of SP. People need to wake up.

They will also flag your account to death if you ever speak ill of them!

They are pathetic!

Seems a bit ironic to me

Am certainly lost here, someone declines payout ãnd he is a scammer??

Is this true???

Yes it is true and that is why I am downvoted to invisibility. They silence anyone bringing attention to them.

Soon we will ALL be whales and we will flag these bot accounts to death! Pathetic losers!

How is this distributed? Through upvotes or SBD sendings?

thank you for all you do @randowhale


do you believe in this bot joe?

Greed is not allowed in the time of payout.

Happy to hear. Weldone @randowhale

There is a typo in your post:

Submit .05 - 5.00 SBD to @randowhale with a post link as the memo to receive an upvote!

Should be "0.500 - 5.000" right?

Lol I knew this would happen after that challenge :p

You guys will end up as best friends probably

Not till @randowhale is gutted!

@randowhale is making more than ever, thank you!!!!

but how much is the price of milk in china?

In other comments I have read, "He is part of a massive bot /sockpuppet service that downvotes the best bloggers and then upvotes themselves into trending."

Is this true?

See for yourself. The "big payouts" end up in the pockets of the accounts that are a part of his downvote brigade. You could call it correllation as opposed to causation but truth is these accounts (atleast most of the highlighted) appear to be owned by Bernie as a part of his bot brigade (randowhale = bernie, right?)

Well he just downvoted you for even asking.....

Lol, in fact he is so bold as to say with his downvote: "yes it is true, see if you can do anything about it"!! So obvious- Hate to say it but @randowhale-sockpuppet-service (whoever they really are) really is missing the meaning of life by choosing greed over love. Sad but true.

this is really examplary! The Support for Steemit is really huge! i am new to steemit but i can still feel how familiar the community is. thats pretty nice.

i love how receptive the platform is. Its like im drawn to it for the interaction unlike others which i cant stand the people

I feel the same way.

That's showing some community respect right there!! No more arguing, it doesnt do anyone any good

Besides the delegation. This was great news! - I look forward to continue to delegate more and more as I continue to grow on Steemit. Thank you!

you have done well to be here where you are...continue doing this...you will surely get what you want...

Great for the people!

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Done and thank you!

You are a shit bunch of humans. Down voted me why? Fuck you, fuck steemit, I'm out.

For supporting that scammer. That’s why.

Please explain,who are we suppose to support? I'm kind of lost.Just reading this as I'm learning how the platform works.
I'm creating content so I can post my blogs, but not sure not if I start reading drama, there is always greedy people that will make other people feel scammed and feel discouraged on putting any effort on making this platform work because the powerful people now are the primadonnas.

Just trying to understand steemit etiquette. Thank you @radowhale

Additional SP always Welcomed

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Que desigual es la vida yo que vivo en un país azotado por la inflación y deseo obtener unas pocas ganancias no logro conseguir casi nada en steemit y otros se dan el lujo de rechazar pagos, bueno soy muy nueva en este solo que de verdad sea el bien para los que iniciamos

Don't give up, keep working on your posts. :)

okay......so i am kinda new on this site, so i dont exactly know what is being talked about here, can someone explain it to me what declining a payout helps in ??

This is good.

Respect !

Dziękuję za wsparcie mojego bloga z przepisami na kawy

Why do I, which suggests refusing payment on post in all posts.

I know I found that part confusing also!

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randowhale truly is for the people

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wao buddy...bestest step ever...steemian are just amazing...they always try new interesting ideas to help the newbies...cheers to @randowhale...And a big thankssss.:)

wow i got an upvote from @randowhale instantly as soon as i transferred the SBD to his account...its not a scam dear ones..everyone has their own way to serve...he is also trying to contribute in his own way...appriciate and trust it...:)

what a great thing for you to do, kind whale! Reminds me of war tax resisting, but that is a different subject. May the spirit of generosity go round!

Wow. This shows how you are trying to improve the platform. Way to go. That’s very humble my friend

I think that it is awesome that you took the advice of many. Lets all help Steemit Grow!

how can I delegate SP to you? Could you give me a link with the instruction?

Nice move! Shows you guys care about the platform and its users

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I transferred SBD to randowhale over 24h ago, wanted to try it for the first time. No upvote yet :( Is it a donation now? ;)
No matter the outcome, happy new year randowhale! I love whales <3

I will look into this as soon as I can.

Thank you. Appreciate it :)

What's the verdict? @randowhale ;)

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classy move sir

Submit .05 - 5.00 SBD to @randowhale

Wow...smh...Will I ever get past the opportunity to get something for giving something? Hmmmm...prolly not...

Declining payout sounds like a noble move; but, I'd have to see the final distribution to be impressed. Steemit is known for 'quiet' money laundering.

I'm still reminded of @bellyrub, et al. A lot of people got caught holding air on that one.

Stay alert.


💙 Great post. Very good writing,i like this post 💙

       🎅 Thanks for Sharing  🎅

open music gif.gif

can someone explain this to me? i am new here, finding the platform pretty awesome but don't like to get on the next scammed platform....

Run from this user, and the 60+ accounts he uses to flag anyone and everyone on a whim or out of pure spite.

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Well how cute, it's like.....you're the same breed of whale or something.....or the same breed of thief.

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This will be great for the community, thanks!

we r with u buddy its good step

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Wow. This is exemplary. You are such a trendsetter. Very positive role model @randowhale.

we are looking in the community to hook the world as one steemitan ,am new here hope to hear more about the community

im new here and noticed your income on the post was crossed out, i also have a lot of questions on how to grow on steemit ... hope all is well


@randomwhale what a commitment! this truly shows profit making is not your priority at all :). you earned a follower. worth following you sir .

Wow, great for all of us... I think.

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