Probably the newest Dolphin of Steem Blockchain 😉

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Well I just became a baby Dolphin by powering up 1766.949 STEEM.

Screenshot from 2019-11-23 17-24-21.png

In my almost 2 years on Steem, I have managed to earn 3186.295 steem power (SBD included). 1842.722 SP (SBD included) from posting and 1343.573 SP from curation. That is a magnificent 42.17% from curation rewards. I have been leasing SP for more than a year, so those rewards are not all from my earned SP. Also, most of those are earned pre HF21/22, right now earning from curation is not as easy as it was used to be though we have 50/50 share between author and curators.

To be a dolphin was one of my goals when I joined. Steem was at its peak, after a few months I had around 150 SP and was able to give 1 cent upvote, I was so happy. Now with 5000 SP plus some from delegations I can give 0.04 to 0.08 depending on the post's curve. 😂

I am not a blogger but what I love about steem is one can earn without writing a single post. Anyone can earn from Splinterlands, or if someone has technical knowledge they can earn by contributing to projects or start their own project by receiving funding from SPS.

I have only bought 400-500 steem using fiat, everything else I have was earned from Steem, not much from posting but mainly by working on projects or from Splinterlands. Steem has the potential of being a gateway to crypto for many people. It has been that for me.

Upcoming community and SMT are good developments in the right direction. I am certainly hopeful of a good future of Steem.


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Huge congratulations to becoming a dolphin! Now to orca? I'd love to get to 50k SP...

@untersatz curate 2

Thanks. Yeah Orca is the next goal. Lets see how many days It takes. 50K would be awesome you can have meaningful influence on the chain with that.

Don't forget you can now claim accounts using RCs. I was so excited when I could do that. I think dolphin accounts have meaningful influence. It means they've either been here long enough to earn SP or they've invested in Steem which means they are committed. Up for a race? ;) On a side note, would you consider voting for my witness @untersatz? Every vote counts (even for dolphins!).

Oh I have been claiming accounts from the start. I had delegations, so I was able to claim. I'd look into your witness.

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Congratulation bro.

Thanks :)

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