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RE: Fully Decentralizing dApps

in #steem2 years ago

It will be great, if you analyze all the dapps built on steem blockchain so far and let us know, which ones are true decentralized dapp ?


There's quite a few dApps and Apps, so I wouldn't know where to start :)
If you have one in particular you're curious about, I can try and give my opinion.

I would like you to have a look on these :

@steemhunt :
@musing :
@dlike :
@memestagram :
@utopian-io :
@steeveapp :

If it takes too much of time, then probably you can start a series and put the details on few of them. And by the way, @utopian-io rewards analysis posts, so you can post them there, to have it rewarded as well and utilize that for a good cause.