Available registration methods on Steem

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Available registration methods

In the Steem ecosystem, there are many diverse ways of creating accounts for users. In fact, each user is able to create any number of subsequent accounts with the right amount of resources. Many of them have prepared special tools for creating accounts for new members of the Steem network. Depending on their needs, the new user should be able to choose the one that best suits their needs. Below you will find 6 of the most popular services that allow you to get an account, three free and three paid.

If you have any questions or problems with registration, I encourage you to visit steem.chat, including of course the #help channel - both experienced users will certainly be ready to quickly help solve any problems and answer any questions you may have.

Free methods:


The method of getting a free Steem account funded by Steemit Inc. The verification process requires you to enter your phone number and may take quite a long time.

Waiting time: 1-4 weeks

After 2 weeks, if an account is not created, we can contact @drakos using steem.chat. He should then help to complete the registration process.



An international community initiative aimed at accelerating the process of creating accounts for new content creators. This method is free of charge, but requires the creation of high quality post.

Waiting time: 0-7 days

(Waiting time depends on the quality of your entry. However, if it does not receive support from the community, the account will not be created. Any funds earned by the account can be collected after creating an account using a different method and passing the e-mail verification process.)



Utopian.io service funds new accounts for users by verifying the Github account, so it is an excellent registration option for developers. The activity on the user's account is analyzed - only people with active Github accounts can count on registrations with this method. It is immediate.


Paid methods:


SteemConnect allows the user to create a new account immediately, in return for paying the current blockchain-determined account creation price. The service does not charge any fees, however, it requires an existing account.

Price: 3 STEEM

Tutorial: How to create accounts using SteemConnect

Note: An account created with SteemConnect will always have information about the account it was created with.



AnonSteem is a service that allows immediate and anonymous creation of an account, but requires payment of the price of the creation and an additional fee, which makes it a bit more expensive than Steemconnect (but does not require an existing account).

Price: 0.0025 BTC or 0.1 LTC or 5.0 STEEM



The Blocktrades account creation tool allows you to create a Steem account in exchange for 6.1 STEEM or the equivalent in many different cryptocurrencies. Like AnonSteem it is an anonymous method, but before starting the process of account creation it is worth to register in the service blocktrades.us, which in the future will facilitate the process of account recovery. This method is also immediate.

Price: 6.1 STEEM or equivalent in another available cryptocurrency


Remember, no matter what method you choose, to protect your account access keys well - losing them will result in losing your account, it is not possible to recover them!

Take care of your safety!

Your Steem account is also a wallet where you can deposit your STEEM and SBD tokens. When using the Internet you should take all necessary precautions - always check the exact name of the site you are logging into, do not click on suspicious links and use a key that does not allow to make transfers from your account (Use posting key).


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