Read the recent post by blocktrades, maybe?

Thank you,
I looked there before I posted this, but couldn't find any answers.
I'll keep checking back

Glad to see you got in over here. I was just looking at your post on Steem and was checking here to see what your situation was. I see you have some liquid HIVE, if you power some of that up into HP then you'll have enough resource credits to do more.

Have you found Discord yet? There is a server there currently called Steem Terminal where some super people are able to answer your questions .. let me know if you need help getting discord working.

Thank you very much
Glad to be here
Still trying to figure out my strategy on managing my "assets"
I seem to be wasting it using comments to get help with operating here.
Trying to be patient till the dust settles from the hardfork and let things get running.
Got on Telegram and found very helpful members of the community there, but its more like triage, I need in-patient procedures, LOL
I'll head over to Discord and check it out.
Thanks again