Steem Python Package - Cant install .

in #steem7 years ago

Hello programmers on steemit .

I followed the instructions from the steem docs , but it wasn't very useful. I also went to stack overflow to find a solution and also googled it but it wasn't helpful or I just simply didn't understand.

If you guys can help me , that would be great for me .

Here is the screenshot of that error .

Edit : I am using Anaconda Installer


I'm having the same error and it seems to be a problem with the outdated pycrypto package. They need to replace it with pycryptodome... Assuming youre using python 3.6 as well? Downgrading or using a different language is likeley the only fix right now.

Can confirm that! Hopefully Steem Package will be Updated soon.

By the Way same problem with Python 3.6